XCOM Enemy Within 1

XCOM®: Enemy Within apk mod

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XCOM®: Enemy Within apk mod

XCOM Enemy Within 1

XCOM: Enemy Within is an extended version of the strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown that was released and was very successful before. This version brings new capabilities, weapons, upgrades, battles with new opponents, maps, new missions that make the gameplay extremely fascinating.
As an extension of Enemy Unknown, gamers should note that you must have a previous version to play and play this version. This extension package brings a lot of elements into the main game along with the superhuman element through genetic modification. While PC versions require a previous version, Enemy Within on mobile devices is released as a separate application.

XCOM Enemy Within 1

If you are a fan of strategy games, you’ve probably heard of XCOM’s super product: Enemy Unknown was developed by Firaxis Games and released by 2K Games. This game has been inverted when the game debuted on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 around 2012
The game is set in the near future when the earth is invaded by aliens. The player becomes the head of an elite multinational paramilitary organization called XCOM and has a duty to protect the earth, eradicating threats to human survival.
You will command soldiers to carry out a series of missions, participate in turn-based tactical battles, and research and develop new technologies, expand XCOM’s facilities and manage resources, following closely every move of aliens .

Many call XCOM: Enemy Within is the version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown but this is not true. Compared to the predecessor, this game has made significant progress, bringing a more interesting and new experience to gamers.
Basically, Enemy Within has Enemy Unknown’s core gameplay but adds more interesting content. You will be using new soldiers, new skills, facing enemies, new maps and missions, playing in multiplayer mode.

Main features of strategy game XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM Enemy Within 1

– New abilities for warriors:

Players can build new Genetics Lab laboratories to improve the ability of characters, from skin, eyes, legs to brain, chest … or build Cybernetics Lab to Create a completely new class of Mechanized Exoskeletal Cybersuit (or MEC for short). This new MEC Trooper has special abilities and each suit suit can be upgraded with new weapons for grenades and flamethrowers.

– New weapons and equipment:

Don’t forget to strengthen your army with products from new projects of engineering and foundry groups.

– Facing new opponents:

XCOM player: Enemy Within will need to use new tactics to deal with 2 completely new alien types and 1 brand new deadly organization named EXAL.

– New resources:

A new alien source called Meld has been discovered. Protect them safely on the battlefield and use them carefully in the base to unlock the upgrade tools and conduct new research.

– New tactical challenges and maps:

New challenges on more than 40 new battlefields.

– Multiplayer mode, map, units:

New abilities will help you create your own squad and win the opponent in XCOM’s fascinating turn-based battles: Enemy Within.

– New strategic resource

An alien resource worth Meld has been discovered. Protect it on the battlefield and use it carefully at the base to unlock new research and upgrades.

XCOM Game: Enemy Within is a game with beautiful graphics, high quality and advanced features. To optimize the gaming experience, you may need to turn off other applications before playing.
Content in the game is fictitious and does not intend to represent or describe really any ev  ent, person, place or organization.


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