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The competition between Android and iOS has never stopped, each of which has its own strengths. iOS aims to optimize the user experience and make things as simple as possible. Android is known as an open platform managed by Google, which has not limited customizations from publishers to their platforms. Android makes the users split into two factions: Agree and disagree. As per those who disagree, too many customizations make Android more burdensome and difficult to control, making their devices slower. At this point, a solution is given to make things simpler and easier: Change the default launcher with another launcher. Today, we would like to introduce you to one of the new launcher called X Launcher Pro, which helps you bring the iOS interface to Android devices.

X Launcher 2.0.7 Pro – Bring the ios experience to your Android device

X Launcher Pro is an Android launcher application developed and published by My One Studio. The only purpose of this application is to change the default Device Launcher by a different iOS interface launcher, which is simpler and smoother. If you love the flat and harmony style in the icon designing of iOS, X Launcher Pro will bring it to your Android device right now. The thing that made me like X Launcher Pro is that it is really light and smooth. It works very well and does not consume much battery power. X Launcher Pro is only 3.7M, which is lighter than many other launchers that I have ever used. In addition, after a period of use, I have discovered many other interesting features.

Here are the key features of X Launcher Pro:

  • App Icon Badge: At present, all applications with new notifications will be displayed right on the application icon with small red bubbles. If you miss a notification of the application, you will easily notice it by looking at the icon of the application. Everything will be controlled effectively.
  • Smart Search: The iPhone’s Finder feature is also available on this app. Shortly after installing and applying X Launcher Pro, you can enable this feature by swiping your finger down. Now that your familiar iOS searching interface will appear. You can search for everything including Apps, Messages, Browser History, Notes … The recommended apps are also displayed. They are the apps, games that you frequently use.
  • Hide App: An advanced feature that I like about X Launcher Pro is that you can select applications, which you do not want them to display in App Drawer. This feature is really useful in optimizing the look of the device, or you simply want to hide sensitive applications that you do not want others to see.
  • Phone X Style Widget: After installing the Phone X Style Widget, you can instantly turn the device’s default look into the iOS icon pack. The familiar icons like Weather, Photo, Calendar, Camera, which are the same as on iOS 11.

There are a few other small features that you can explore during use.

In addition, X Launcher Pro works well on most Android devices, which requires Android 4.0 or higher with a minimum capacity of 1GB of RAM and 10M of memory. Because of its lightweight, after a period of use, I can confirm that X Launcher Pro works smoothly without wasting much of the battery that many other Launchers have used. X Launcher Pro is a paid application. However, you can download X Launcher Pro APK file we provided below to install it for free right now. If you love it, you can visit the Play Store to purchase it to support the developer.


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