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Uploaded: July 30th, 2017
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WWE and SEGA, which are the two famous entertainment companies in the world, cooperated with each other to produce a surprising and an expecting game called WWE Tap Mania for Android. They claimed that WWE Tap Mania would be an attractive game bringing great experiences for players in the last six months of this year. If you like wrestling and tappers, WWE Tap Mania is a perfect choice. Now, this game is free to download and play.

WWE Tap Mania Mod APK for Android – a colorful idle clicker game

In WWE Tap Mania mod, you have to beat the faces off of other wrestlers which are all WWE superstars. Your opponents are much bigger than you, but they will go down easily for the most part. To do this, you need to tap as fast as possible to win other famous wrestlers. The game is divided into ten-fight sections. The tenth fight is always the main event because you will take on a big boss. While playing the game, you can earn money and spend it to toughen up your roster and level up your members.

You should progress and move forward to unlock more powerful pugilists to add to your team. You can have up to four WWE performers who will help you do the battle by automatically attacking and pulling off special moves. Alter defeating ten normal wrestles, you will come to the Main Event of each stage.

Small tips: You guys can using the Game Killer App to create the mod version easily.

Main features of WWE Tap Mania for Android:

  • Taping as quick as possible to defeat other bigger wrestlers and take on the boss every ten fights.
  • Easy to play, you just need to tap furiously to attack and unleash devastating signature moves.
  • Collect cards to add more strong wrestlers to your team, so you can create the best team to become the champion.
  • Earn money to power up your members, help them learn more skills and do more damage while they are on the ring.
  • Unique visual feel with wrestlers who are highly stylized and recognizable.

WWE Tap Mania is an interesting android game with addictive gameplay, visit apkgalaxy to download the latest mod version of this game.



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