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WWE Super Card is a mobile card game featuring real WWE wrestlers. The game simulates the familiar posture of the wrestler as: jumping, attacking opponents, smashing things around, … Even sound, background music in the game is also very attractive because it is derived from the background music in WWE real life. The game was developed and released by ABC, although it was launched in 2014, currently, WWE Supercard still attracts millions of players around the world.In addition, the publisher also regularly updates new content for the game.Today APKgalaxy brings you the latest mod version of WWE Supercard.

WWE SuperCard MOD APK for Android

WrestleMania is upon us and with it comes a whole lot to love in WWE SuperCard. Buckle up—this is one hilariously awesome ride. WWE SuperCard is a card battle game in the purest sense. Collect a deck of your favorite WWE Superstars, send them into a myriad of match types, and watch them do battle. Literally. Singles wrestlers and tag teams take to the squared circle, showboating for the audience and fighting in all their 2D cardboard glory. Whether flying from the top rope or pulling off hyper-stylized renditions of signature maneuvers, these cards somehow capture the over-the-top action of the show. SuperCard just got a whole lot bigger too.

The latest WrestleMania update adds a tier of 80-plus cards that are now the most powerful in the game, including the WWE’s newest signee, Ronda Rousey. There’s also an all-new event that will have you earning points based on various matchups for a chance to top the leaderboards. There’s a whole lot to explore. WWE Supercard gives you a set of 10 cards with different characters such as Ryback, AjLee, Undertaker, Triple H, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, … Each card has 3 stats: defense, strength, stamina.However, not all cards have overwhelming strength but also with very weak cards, So you have to prepare the proper tactics to use these card to win.

2K is now awarding players a free pack of cards every four hours, regardless of skill level. So whether you’re just starting out or working on that top-tier deck, jump in, rip open some packs, and start dominating the competition.

WWE SuperCard mod features :

  • Unlimited Credits
  • Advertise Removed

Key features:

  • Genre card game that combines tactics for mobile
  • Meet the celebrities in the WWE world
  • Join the fiercest WWE battles
  • Upgrade your card, create the unbeatable desk.
  • A battle for the KING OF THE RING title

Currently, WWE Supercard is released for free on both Android and iOS platforms, you can access the link provided below to download and install the game easily.


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