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Square Enix recently announced the release of the simulation game World of Final Fantasy on Android. It can be considered quite a surprise since so far, World of Final Fantasy is only the exclusive game for PS4 and PS Vita only. And now you can enjoy the official version of this mobile game. The game named: World of Final Fantasy Meli-melo.

Download World of Final Fantasy Meli-melo APK/ipa English for Android/iOS

World of Final Fantasy Meli-melo developed by a Japanese studio called Drecom and a Sony conglomerate called FowardWorks, the game is completely free on both iOS and Android platforms.
World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo (English) is the “mobile version” of World of Final Fantasy. In addition, it is also a free online mobile game, free play time and allows players to add a “friends” position in the team. The story of World of Final Fantasy Meli-melo revolves around two sisters, Lann and Reynn. They woke up at a place called Nine Woods Hill and had absolutely no memory of themselves or their strength. Later, a woman named Enna Kross appeared, revealed to Lann and Reynn that they themselves were the Mirages Keeper and capable of capturing the Mirages (calling the monsters) in Grymoire.
To recall their memories and find out what happened to them, the sisters decide to start their journey by returning to Grymoire via the “magic gate” at Nine Woods Hill. In Grymoire, they discovered that Bahamut’s states were here. Through the help of Princess Sarah (Final Fantasy), Lann and Reynn are entrusted with the task of saving Grymoire from the dependence of the bad guys.

About gameplay:

The game is still pursuing the classic gameplay of the Final Fantasy series RPG Turn Based and the Active Time Battle (ATB) combat mechanism in Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX … So, the rhythm of the match of the World of Final Fantasy is pushed up quickly, making the process of fighting in the game become really exciting. Unlike previous Final Fantasy games, players do not “team up” with other characters in the game. But you will be with the Mirages in this game.
As a Mirages Keeper, Lann and Reynn’s strongest abilities are the recruits the Mirage during the journey. After you conquer, you can fight the Mirages together, using their power to defeat enemies and level up the Mirages. Each time you level up, Mirages will receive an SP to learn new skills or increase basic stats through the Sphere Grid that once featured the character of Final Fantasy X. When reaching a certain level, your pet will evolve in a completely different and stronger shape and size. You will soon hear the familiar name – Pokemon, with almost the same gameplay.

Graphics and maps in the game

World of Final Fantasy Meli-melo is not only an open world game but it is also great maps, enough for you to walk around in search of hidden treasure chests. The number of dungeons in the game is also varied. To go through the dungeons, you must use the power of the Mirages to solve puzzles or destroy obstacles.
Accordingly, Meli-Melo will continue to introduce the cute Chibi graphics characters, revolves around the journey of the characters in the world of Final Fantasy. The game’s storyline will also allow players to recruit key characters from previous Final Fantasy titles into the squad.

Download World of Final Fantasy Meli-melo APK for Android now

It has been nearly 30 years since Square Soft (today’s Square Enix predecessor) released its first Final Fantasy title on the NES. At the moment, gamers around the world are enjoying with horizontal 2D games (Platformers): Mario, Pac-Man or Contra. The first version of Final Fantasy as a breeze brings a new and unforgettable experience with persistent adventures, huge maps, huge monsters and addictive elements. Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo promises to bring out a great experience as something you should not miss.

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