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World Conqueror 3 is the sequel to World Conqueror 2, in which players have to build the mighty army, command them and conquer all battles. War is about to begin, be prepared well and prove that players are the most skilled general in World Conqueror 3.

World Conqueror 3 Mod APK Unlimited resource/Money/Medal latest version 2019

World Conqueror 3 is the product of the publisher EasyTech, which is famous for its games inspired by classic war games. Although war is unexpected, it has happened and there we have witnessed the talents of many talented generals who have been written in the history. If you want yourself to experience the fierce fight in the role of the general majesty, assiduous and talent military commander, the World Conqueror 3 may be the best choice for you.

Unlike other strategy games, to fully and comprehensively battle the global war, battles in World Conqueror take place right on the map of the world. Everything is happening at the high level, in which gamers prove their bravery, tactics to control the battlefield.

Update: World Conqueror 4 Mod was released so you can download it right now HERE

In this playground, you have the right to choose your own allies or fascists. However, choosing which side is not important because the player can completely change the status, overturned the results of the war in history. Wisdom, power, and strategy are the determined factors for the win.

You will be directly ordered the artillery, missiles, aircraft, tanks, submarines, warships and marines … total force attack enemies and conquer the base, port or intersections. You should be careful calculating, balance forces, select the weapon with each enemy so you not to waste your power with the weak enemy and also not be confused when facing the powerful forces.

Graphics, although manufacturers have tried to streamline to the maximum by scale war and the involvement of numerous forces. Players will sometimes be glitzy and cannot control all war. But the map was designed shipyards, plus the sound of the monumental, players will be armor in the war and relive the history.

Key Features of World Conqueror 3:

  • Real-time Gaming: You will experience famous world wars such as World War II, Cold War and Modern Warfare.
  • 50 nations and 200 famous generals will appear in this global war
  • 148 military units and 35 special skills
  • 12 technologies including conventional weapons, naval weapons, air force weapons, missiles, nuclear weapons, space weapons, etc.
  • 42 Wonders play an important role in your victory
  • 11 unique achievements waiting to be reaped
  • World map is seamless and able to zoom in, zoom out.
  • Game Mode in the strategy game World Conqueror 3

Military Career:

  • 32 historical campaigns with 3 difficulty levels and 150 military missions
  • 5 challenging modes to prove commanding skills and a total of 45 challenges throughout the game
  • Promote generals, learn new skills and hire more good generals from prestigious military academies around the world.
  • Complete the assigned tasks in the city and trade with traders in the port
  • Build different world wonders and explore the universe

Conquer the World:

  • 4 different war scenarios, including Conquer 1939, Conquer 1943, Conquer 1950, Conquer 1960.
  • The world model changes over time. Select any country to join the war
  • Choose different factions and countries to receive different rewards

Game resources in World Conqueror 3:

Resources are the currency used in the game. There are two types of resources in battle (only valid in battle) and non-battle resources (in effect outside the battle).

  • Gold is a resource in battle, often used to build troops, which can be obtained through cities, airports and ship yards. Most of the units have main funds in gold, so gold is especially important.
  • Steel: This is also a basic resource in the battle to help build the army. Make steel by building factories, airports, armored units, fortresses and ships, which need a lot of steel to build. Therefore, although not the main resource such as gold, steel is needed to build mobile infantry units.
  • Oil: Exploiting oil fields, oil rigs. Oil is consumed when moving troops and just for air raids, armored units, ships, artillery.
  • Hidden Items: This is a resource outside the battle, it needed to upgrade the technology. It can also be used to build wonders, earned through Campaigns, Missions, and Conquests. Only armor units do not need this resource.
  • Medals are also an important resource, it is necessary to hire, train and promote generals. It can be refunded if the player decides to dismiss a general. You can get medals by completing special missions.

It is no exaggeration to say that World Conqueror 3 Mod resource allows you to live in the space of the famous wars of world history. It reproduces battles, campaigns of the war in detail, and allows the player to take control of himself. Even better is that the game does not favor a faction. Any country, on the contrary, it encourages players to challenge themselves in all factions and states to have a comprehensive view of the war, demonstrates the versatile commanding ability and earns unique rewards. Although you do not like to learn history, when you are the leader of the battles, participating in special events, you will carve a memorial brain that you do not even know.

In general, World Conqueror 3 gives you the opportunity to experience the famous battles in history, various weapons and forces to show your commanding capabilities. Download World Conqueror 3 mod apk and start conquering your world.


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