Wizard Dragon Defense APK MOD 1

Wizard Dragon Defense APK MOD

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Wizard Dragon Defense 1.4.0 APK MOD

Wizard & Dragon Defense is now available for Android devices. The game has a structure that works quite similar to many other tower defense games. You have the main heroes and other support units to release a set amount of magic. After that, you have to hit an enemy group opwr on the other side of the map. However, the game does not require a large screen to increase the experience, because whether you use a computer or a phone, the visibility of the game remains the same.

You can watch the trailer of the game at here:

The game has a method that works quite easily and is not too complicated. At the beginning of the game, the player will go through the levels quite easily, however, as the level progresses deeper, things become extremely difficult and you often have to pay to pass them.

Wizard Dragon Defense APK MOD 1

The player will play Aden, a Pyromancer and a dragon as a pet. You will have to block Gaping Maw to destroy this world. With the help of dragon friends and other companions. You will face and destroy an army of living corpses that always want to attack you.

Wizard Dragon Defense APK MOD 1

Players can use different attacks from the main hero character. You can level up your units and upgrade your character’s special spells with the amount of gold you have earned during the game. Each level doesn’t take too much of your time, so it’s a good choice when you’re waiting for friends or sitting on the bus.

Wizard Dragon Defense APK MOD 1

Wizard & Dragon Defense provides players with a smooth and attractive gameplay and interface. If you have played other games, you can easily grasp the basics of this game.
There are many different units with different functions, but the game only allows you to equip 4 items each time you enter a level. However, if you choose units that fit your strategy, you can use it throughout without having to change them between each level. Of course, it is possible if you are bored or prefer diversity and change.

Wizard Dragon Defense APK MOD 1

The art of the game is quite simple, but brings a lot of laughter through fun conversations every time you finish a fight. The game’s graphics are nothing too special, but it fits this genre.

However, the game also has minus points, such as the fact that you can’t go any further when you reach level 30. That seems impossible. It attracts players by previous levels really easily and does not take too much time. You will be hard to die at levels 30 and before. It can be said, this is the time when the developer wants you to spend a little money to get through these levels more easily. You will need a lot of money to upgrade your units to win more difficult levels ahead. You can buy them with real money or go back to playing the previous levels to earn extra money.
Therefore, a small experience of the precursor suggests that you should spend a reasonable amount of money when leveling up units and heroes so that they are enough to pass a level ahead.
This is very annoying for players. This is a free game, so players expect that the difficulty of the levels will increase gradually rather than this.

Besides complaints about the level, the game’s plot also stopped there. It has no depth or investment. It is only easy to understand and logical to get you into the game and what’s left is an experience and try to pass the levels.


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