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Uploaded:November 17th, 2017
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WitchSpring3 for Android is a new simulation game released on the Play Store. With the magic theme, the player will transform into a beautiful witch and start the adventure in WitchSpring3.

WitchSpring3 APK download (Mod Money) for Android

WitchSpring3 for Android is based on a Korean game developer, Kiwiwalks. The game features gorgeous anime Chibi graphics and extremely engaging storyline.

The main character in WitchSpring3 for Android is the witch of Marionette, Eirudy. She was hunted by warriors and now lives in a secluded house in the Misty Forest. In which, she has created tools, magic, and training to constantly improve her ability. To make stuff, Eirudy needed to get out of the house looking for materials. Therefore, the unfortunate situation was unavoidable. Sometimes, people also recognize Eirudy’s kindness and praises her. However, sometimes they hurt her deeply. She was really a lonely soul.

Help Eirudy escape from this situation, find the right way by waking up the dolls against the mighty warriors or having friends and companions. WitchSpring3 players for Android can choose a character development path from three main branches: the Magician, the Swordsman or the Summoner (who can summon magic dolls). If you want to have Happy Ending, be careful, choose the positive solution. Otherwise, a very sad ending will happen to the character.

WitchSpring3 Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • All Unlocked
  • Free shopping

The note when playing WitchSpring3 for Android:

  • This RPG-based RPG does not contain additional purchase packages.
  • The playing device requires at least 900Mb of free memory.
  • The game needs to read and write permissions on external memory to install and boot.

The changes of the new version of WitchSpring3 for Android:

  • Sound Off (Sound Off)
  • Fixes and repairs text errors
  • Add custom Joystick placement

Overall, WitchSpring3 for Android is a great simulation game for fans of classic RPGs. Kiwiwalks invests in quality graphics and visual effects to bring the best mobile experience. So, surely you will be satisfied. Do you want to experience the feeling of being a witch, learning how to make magic or simply want to relieve stress? WitchSpring3 Mod APK for free at APKgalaxy is your best choice.


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