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The WiFi Tether Router app allows users to set up and turn your Android phone into a free wifi hotspot. This app is available for $ 1.99, but you can easily download and install it for free using the APK file we provided below. Good luck.

WiFi Tether Router APK latest for Android

With this free application, users can easily control the network, share wifi passwords, see which devices are connected wifi, thereby improving network speed. Users can connect wifi from any computer or tablet or even a game console. The access point is encrypted with WPA2 security.

After download WiFi Tether Router APK for Android, you already have a free Wifi 3G (Hostpot) transmitter for all electronic devices within a certain range.  WiFi Tether Router has an clearly interface, simple widgets that make it easy for users to customize wifi on the application.

Why should you choose WiFi Tether Router?

  • Do not require root, avoid potential security risks.
  • Works efficiently and quickly
  • Support for connectivity from tablet devices, including iPad, Kindle, Nook, …
  • Support connection from PS3, XBox, WII, …
  • Support multiple concurrent connections.
  • Security with WPA2 encryption. Avoid the risk of harm to the device


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