Widower’s Sky

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Widower’s Sky is a fiction platform and puzzle game with abundant artwork. Widower’s Sky is set in mysterious contexts of the gamer, promising to give you the opportunity to be puzzled, staying in the excitement of the virtual world.


Widower’s Sky APK download for Android [Latest/Update]

Widower’s Sky tells the story of a father and son and a dog walking through doors connecting many worlds to find their way home. Throughout the journey, they are touching stories of their father and son. The dangers always lurk, their journey is tied to the hardships. They are always hiding, sometimes when it is necessary you still have to fight with enemies and solve puzzles in their way. You have to explore diverse worlds, ranging from fanciful hills to hi-tech temples. The game requires players to jump, fight and solve a series of puzzles to survive and can return to his home.

In the midst of that world, you will feel the love between father and son, between companions with the desire to return home … return memories throughout his life.

A mysterious and colorful world

Widower’s Sky owns beautiful and mysterious images. The world of the game is beautiful with a lot of contexts like a beautiful sunshine majestic to architectural buildings, high-tech and scary traps. They all blend together to encourage the curiosity of the players, making them excited to travel and explore. The game world is connected by space gates.

In-game control and fight

Your main character moves in a colorful world and sounds, with a view from above, players can see the majestic scenery of the game. The control mechanism in Widower’s Sky is simple and easy to get. The joystick mechanism is still the navigation joystick on the left, and the right hand is the key to doing the action. You will control your character moving through the grass or run on the giant maze to avoid the enemies or unexpected traps.

Download Widower’s Sky APK/IPA for Android/iOS

All you need to do in Widower’s Sky is to simulate the father who protects and nurtures his son alongside a lot of dangers from the fiercest world. With a gentle style, art… interwoven in the urge to survive and find their way home, Widower’s Sky is the great game, which will certainly touch the hearts of many people.

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