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Today, we would like to analyze your ideal about horror game whether you like it or not? And the reasons why you like it, download White Night APK then try one of the best horror game for Android

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It is because you want to experience extreme fear, the obsession with your physical and mental attachment; discover the secrets of rotting and fighting a power that is hiding in the dark. If it is exactly what you want, you should download White Night to experience that. The White Night is a game of mixed decoding and adventure game publisher on the App Store and Google Play.

The Story

In the world game, everything was just a black and white, hiding a lot of puzzles waiting for the player to discover. The game took the theme from real-life games, which began when the protagonist was forced to live in a 1930s abandoned mansion in the United States. Black was the place where players will face their own fears and solve a secret buried in this gloomy mansion.

The character, after a car accident, went into that old building. Everything including the accident is connected. You will enter into each room, each house, face with dangers lurking and finding all the truth behind. Horror will make the bravest people tremulous when playing this game. The game will help your imagination fly higher and higher. White Night promises to bring a new experience to players.


White Night’s gameplay mainly revolves around two types of light sources: mobile and fixed position. Mobile Light is a matchbox scattered throughout the game, lit up for a certain time to find the way. As for solving puzzles, White Night requires players to look for fixed lights (light bulbs) to look for clues or banish ghosts.

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Solving puzzles in White Night is not too difficult but requires players to pay attention to every detail related to the light source. When you find a table lamp but cannot turn on, you should try to connect the power cord to the socket.

In addition, the main character can find many letters, diary or patchy photos. They not only clarify the relationship between family members who lived in the house but also sometimes a picture may contain suggestions to help players solve the puzzle.

Haunting sound and graphics

View angle in White Night APK game is fixed – like Resident Evil in the early days – but this is a real improvement. Cameras are placed in unbelievable places, and constantly shaking to the sides. The camera shake factor makes the player feel like someone is watching him.

The combination between white and black make the world in White Night APK seems mysterious, cold and scary.


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