What The Hen: Enter The Dragons!

What the Hen: Enter The Dragons! – Collect hero characters

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What the Hen: Enter The Dragons! – Collect hero characters

What the Hen: Enter The Dragons! is a strategy game in which you have to find the most interesting characters to regain the hens at the end. Enjoy this strange adventure that takes you in charge of a group of villains.

Want to enjoy the eccentric, animated heroes? Or do you want to take part in crazy clan competitions, savage fights, crazy collectible character cards, and addictive duels Arena? If so, you are very lucky, summoning eggs!

 What The Hen: Enter The Dragons!

What the Hen: Enter The Dragons! is a free strategic line defense game to play, offering a combination of collection cards and unique animated graphics. This is the first unique game from creative developer, Chargeed Monkey. The mix of tower defense and card collection adds an interesting and interesting aspect that many other similar games may lack. The game is played by placing cards on the battlefield. The players can move and attack their enemies. The main goal is for your units to approach the enemy and destroy him, turning you into a victor. After winning a match, you will be awarded a new card.

You start the game with a large woman equipped with frying pan. Your attack power increases with suspicious target archers, fat bike riders, poorly built robots and bugs equipped for their beards. Each person has a different skill and you have to know how to use it. In addition, each of these quirky characters can be upgraded, so you have to analyze how far each person will go, depending on the battles against your enemies.

What The Hen: Enter The Dragons!

Once you have the perfect deck, you need to confront your opponent face to face. In these battles, you must collect energy to use your character; Each person needs a recovery time and a certain amount of energy. Be sure to wisely manage whom you will fight and pay attention to the character your enemies use. Open the chest every time you reach the end point and upgrade your heroes with your reward.

More than 70 of the most bizarre heroes and heroines you’ve ever seen, ready to fight! Collect those characters to enjoy adventure donations, and defeat the craziest bosses! The heroes you collect will also be upgraded to the highest degree in the game, so pay attention to evolve your precious heroes into the most evil group ever!

Remember, 1on1 battles against millions of Summoners chasing chickens in Arena matches. Your very own Avatar presence, adjustable with the coolest gadgets! So fight alongside your friends Summoner allies in completely new families, as well as clear the cage to miss the spring update of EGGciting with a special event and new heroes!

What The Hen: Enter The Dragons!

What the Hen: Enter The Dragons! Own the craziest story ever. Legendary witch has turned into a chicken! Accident? Betray? Who cares – Just catch it! Its tremendous magical power drove the Hen world crazy. Anyone who owns a chicken will get his or her superpower and become the summoner chosen to dominate the Arena. Evil! But your seance leads the way through countless 1-on-1 battles, so you better prepare!

Your main task in the game is to collect hero characters, whether it’s a dwarf, goblin, goblin or robot, this game has it! Unlock and collect more than 70 features, like the illustrious ice queen, the astute hunter, Polly, the cowardly villain, or OPS, or DPS, Red Rosie. Choose heroes from 5 types of characters and unlock rare hero and heroine legally from special events from time to time to defeat your enemies like ants!

Have a great time with these rare characters and fight against very special heroes in this super entertaining game.


Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chargedmonkey.whatthehen




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