Water Race 3D

Water Race 3D: Aqua Music Game

Uploaded: June 25th, 2020
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Water Race 3D: Aqua Music Game

Do you have a plan for summer buying yet? If not, take part in fun races at Water Race 3D, the latest game released by AMANOTES.

A vibrant summer indispensable activities in the water park. This is a fun place for everyone, from the elderly to children. Besides, the beach is also a good choice. However, with the current situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, we cannot go to public places. With the desire to help people relax and entertain with mobile games, AMANOTES has developed Water Race 3D, a fun arcade game. Now, you can unleash fun at the beach, the water park even while sitting on your sofa.

Water Race 3D

When reading the name of this game, you may think of some games like Fun Race 3D, Epic Race 3D or Run Race 3D. In fact, the gameplay of Water Race 3D is not much different. You will skateboard on water pipes and floats in the sky, avoid obstacles and try not to fall off the track. This may seem easy, but in fact, you are easy to make mistakes. The pace of the game is quite fast. With pipes of all kinds of colors, it is easy to get distracted and collide with obstacles. If you see a frontal obstacle, quickly jump to the next hose. But be careful, because maybe a pipe will race you to a dead end.

Although the name of the game refers to a race, but in this game, you have no rivals at all. All you need to do is try to avoid obstacles and reach the goal safely. Along the way, do not forget to collect gems. It will help you unlock the songs and outfits of the game.

Water Race 3DWater Race 3D

In terms of controls, it’s relatively easy. Once the race has started, simply swipe to the sides of the screen to control the character moving in the direction you want.

With hundreds of outstanding US-UK hits, Water Race 3D easily conquers music devotees. In addition to the latest hits, the game also has some classic songs like Bad Romance, Counting Stars, Alex F and more. A summer party is waiting for you in this game.

The graphics of Water Race 3D are very similar to Epic Race 3D. You will immerse yourself in the colorful 3D environment with the blue of the sea as the main color tone. The physics and motion of the game are very smooth, without any lag.

Water Race 3D Water Race 3D

– Drag your finger to move
– Feel the music beats to prepare for a jump
– Try not to fall from the water slide
– Collect gems and keys to unlock new songs along the way.
– Lively 3D design
– Simple gameplay and 1-hand control
– Popular music songs

Water Race 3D will help you relax with a fast-paced gameplay and top hit songs on the charts. Races have never been so interesting. Download the game right now to your phone to dispel the heat of summer.

Link Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ihd.waterrace


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