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Warmlight is a camera and photo editing tool that is simple but attractive. It allows you to capture quality photos like professional camera device and access extensive photo editing parameters to produce great artwork.

Download Warmlight APK latest version for Android

Unlike many other photo-editing applications that automatically adjust all parameters, Warmlight allows users to adjust the elements on the image manually such as when taking a mechanical shot. The application possesses the ability to focus and control the intelligent exposure, set and adjust manually before shooting.

In addition, users can apply live filters, take stunning shots, editing like a real photographer, and share your creativity.

Warmlight is designed for perfect photography

  • Focus and control and intelligent exposure, set and manual adjustments before shooting.
  • Click on the subject on the screen and adjust the focus and exposure.
  • Focus on the subject, click on the control to activate and adjust.

Support for the default Photos app with Warmlight Extensions: Apply design filters, overlays and edit any photo from the gallery. Enhanced image editing tools: Adjust shadows, highlights, contrast, colors and more.

Take a photo

  • Take fullscreen or square shots with the camera before or after, or shoot with the dual cameras on supported devices.
  • Get perfect color with white balance presets (including Lights, Sun, Flash, Cloud, Custom).
  • Use smart exposure adjustment to capture better.
  • Activate the horizon level tool to create the perfect straight horizon.
  • Use 3 or 10 seconds timer so you have enough time to appear in each photo you take.
  • Apply effects directly while taking pictures to save time editing and do not miss precious moments.

Main photo edit

  • Enjoy professional image filters.
  • Fine-tune photos with artistic design overlays.
  • Make the photo look more natural and more symmetrical with the angle adjustment tool.
  • Make the final finishing step by adjusting the brightness, warmth, contrast, shadows and other parameters.
  • Create special effects with the texture tool.
  • Edit your photos right in the Photos app without interruption.


  • Save images and share them on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook.

The application supports languages including Vietnamese, English, Polish, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, French, Thai, Turkish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional, Spanish, Italian, Germany and Arabia.

New features in version 2.1:

Additional new imaging features include:

  • White Balance – Select a preset depending on lighting conditions (indoor, night, cloudy or sunny) or adjust to your preference.
  • Horizon Level: No matter where you place the horizon, keep that level. Say no to the inclined horizon.

The good news for users of the latest Android devices: Now, Warmlight application has support for dual camera. Focus settings for focus, exposure, ISO and shutter speeds are more as easy and simple as than ever. You just adjust right in the toolbar above the screen.

Additional editing features include:

  • Vignette Tool: Create special effects.
  • Perspective Correction tool: Correct the distorted perspective in the photo with one touch so that everything looks balanced and natural.


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