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Become The Best Pilot With “War Wings”

War Wings 1

Sponsored by the giant Tencent, War Wings promises to bring you true and valuable experiences in both quality and quantity in the process of participating in aerial battles.

War Wings is a war-themed mobile game, the game is released under the cooperation of “big boss” Tencent and Miniclip. The game is a dogfight product that allows gamers to experience sky battles with aircraft and weapons developed based on the real world.

As mentioned above, this is a game that allows you to control fighter jets and unleash a giant throne in the sky. The game focuses on multiplayer online competitions in the context of World War II and the appearance of 4v4 matches, takes place in real time with beautiful 3D graphics, large maps, details of the scene and the war vehicles are extremely high rated. Moreover, players will be immersed in the famous aerial battles with effects and sounds very true.

War Wings 1

Some characteristics of the game:

Participate in the most intense air war in World War II:

War Wings is a brand new combat strategy simulation game and the result of a combination of Tencent and Miniclip. Therefore, this playground promises to bring gamers the most warless, most intense combat experience.

Becoming a leading pilot in the context of the ongoing World War II, you will be presenting and competing with millions of other pilots to bring your team to the highest position in the chart. global class.

Drive fighter and fight PvP in real time

War Wings has two game modes including solo combat as a lone wolf or teaming up and standing alongside others to control the sky. In single player mode, you can freely control the “iron bird” unleashed in the vast sky, unleashing the display of beautiful battle screen, booming.

To the team battle mode, players will coordinate with 3 other people to form a 4-person squadron, against the rival fleet of 4 people from anywhere in the world. The battle will take place in real time and under super-beautiful, super-realistic 3D graphics.

Graphics optimized for mobile

Not only focus on building gameplay, War Wings is also a true wartime picture viewed from the sky. You will admire a collection of fighters from World War II up to 70 types, with many powerful weapons. Besides, the scene of fire smoke, explosions, sky or underground scenery are built in details, top not to be beaten. Moreover, the magnificent sound effect caused gamers to be caught in the pace of the game, truly immersed in the battle. Anh the highly customizable, allowing gamers to create their own play style.

Features of War Wings game:

– Participate in real-time 4v4 matches online.

– Real combat experience: Aircraft and authentic weapons and spectacular demolition phases.

– Customize aircraft: Rich customization ability allows to implement different tactics and strategies.

– Multiple aircraft options: More than 70 aircraft models for players to choose and customize.

– Many control methods include on-mobile control, using Virtual Stick or D-Pad.

– Fighter simulation of WWII era based on actual aircraft model.

– Ranking global PvP with great rewards and customizable player icons.

– Receive valuable rewards when becoming a winner

The game supports multiple languages ​​including English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish and Turkish.

If you want to become a pilot, fly solo to fight or coordinate with your teammates to control the sky, download War Wings for your phone right now. You will be competing against millions of players worldwide, destroying enemy squadrons and climbing global PvP rankings. Let the whole world know, who is the best pilot.

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