War Song(ウォーソング) MOD APK 2019

Uploaded:April 23rd, 2019
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War Song Mobile (English version) is a new MOBA game for Android and iOS, which was released on the Play Store, with traditional gameplay and impressive graphics.

War Song Mobile English (APK Mod Money) Latest/Update

War Song Mobile is part of the MOBA category developed by Sixjoy Limited. In this version, the game has more than 20 generals with different roles. Each general brings an unbelievable ability that you can experience with many other players in familiar 5vs5 mode.

The first thing you can see when participating in MOBA War Song that is smooth and high-quality graphics. Specifically, the game is invested and calibrated very harmoniously from simulation to general to build skills, maps, equip equipment, soldiers or monsters. They assure the audiovisual needs of the players and brings the excitement to the player with a lot of combat phases that are continuously opened in the game. Thanks to the new technology, War Song helps players to experience authentic MOBA games on the phone but it is as simple as possible. To do that, the NSX has studied the behavior of users on the mobile and proceeded to arrange the best interface, keys skills, buttons on the phone screen.

You will have a familiar joystick on the left to help your Heroes moving, on the right is the skill keys of the Heroes. The keys are arranged in reasonable quantities to make players not mistaken when fighting.

Each general can take many different roles in each battle.

The unique thing in War Song MOBA English version is the appearance of many different characters with their own unique style. Each skill has different abilities, such as physical and magical damage and healing. In addition, players can buy the skin for the general and upgrade the general in the game. The purchase of skins only change the appearance of the character and not affect the other indicators to ensure the fair in the game.

More specifically, War Song mobile allows players to customize the role of any hero. There is no cramp or limit to the fixed the hero that you have chosen from the beginning so that open up different styles of upgrades, different moves for each hero in each game. It is expected that in the official version the total number of generals in the game will reach the threshold of 40. This is really good news for the MOBA fans.

Charming map, simple interface, traditional gameplay

The map of the War Song game is beautifully designed. The tower, river, and forest paths are well balanced for both sides. In addition, graphics effects from skills, costumes… also help the player satisfied with the beautiful fighting phase from the members of the two sides. In addition, the gameplay of War Song MOBA Mod APK is similar to the game of the same category that players can choose one of the three main types of competitions including 5vs5, 1vs1 and 3vs3. It is the system to rank or create the room and fight… also contribute to encouraging players to improve their real-world experience.

Key Features of War Song Mobile English :

  • A traditional MOBA game with many different game modes such as 5vs5, 3v3…
  • The number of Heroes is more than 40 and will continue to update
  • Rank mode challenges the player to compete against other players in the rankings.
  • Win each match and win big prizes.
  • Upgrade Heroes, Skin…
  • Impressive graphics and dynamic sound.

War Song Mobile Mod Features:

  • Full Heroes unlocked
  • Unlimited Gold/Diamond
  • Free Shopping
  • High Damage

War Song Mobile (English) has many similarities with other traditional MOBA games such as AOV or LOL, but the game still has a lot to offer when it comes to impressive graphics, the system of Heroes is built in detail (more than 40), gameplay creates fairness for both sides … War Song is definitely a MOBA game that you should try now.


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