War Dragons

War Dragons – Legendary dragon fighting strategy game

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War Dragons – Legendary dragon fighting strategy game

War Dragons is a blockbuster in the real-time strategy game genre. In the vivid 3D dragon world, War Dragons players will experience a series of unique missions such as training dragons, building empires, upgrading and participating in extremely spectacular tower defense attacks. Your ultimate goal is to develop a powerful sacred dragon empire, defeating all opponents in online PvP battles.

War Dragons

Launching mobile players from May 5/2015, to date, War Dragons still retains the leading position in the series of Secret Dragon training games, besides Dragon City, Dragon Mania Legends or School of Dragons… In the environment Beautiful 3D, the player will command a kingdom of dragons – the mysterious flying monster. In addition to building empires, dragon hatching, hybridization and training, the War Dragons’ accents lie in real-time PvP battles with teams, where players must protect the base and destroy the tower. Another player’s goal is to earn a lot of valuable booty.

In War Dragons, fierce dragons undergoing training will become great fighting pets and are extremely loyal to the mission to protect the kingdom’s territory. Your kingdom will have to constantly face the threat of invasion from outside. That is the dragon army of the neighboring countries. With alluring mythological content, War Dragons does a good job of both content and form. If in the game of raising and training fighting dragons like Dragon City or Dragon Mania Legends brings to create super cute, colorful and eye-catching dragons, the War Dragons recreates thorny and more realistic dragon images. .

War Dragons

The game features over 100 different dragon species, each with its own set of magic, hunting and fighting abilities. In parallel with the development of the empire, training and upgrading war dragons is also extremely important, helping you own a strong dragon army. The construction in War Dragons acts as a defensive line to protect the sacred dragon empire as well as providing food and infrastructure to develop dragon forces.

Outstanding features of War Dragons game:

– Many legendary dragon breeds

War Dragons has over 100 unique dragons that possess many different types of attacks, magic abilities and multi-layer abilities. Nurture and develop your dragon breed to create a stronger army. Besides, gamers also have the opportunity to unlock the giant beasts of Khrysos and dominate the battlefield.

– Coordinate forces with friends

Form or join a guild to combine forces with other dragon lords. With synchronized multiplayer mode, you can chat with teammates in real time and coordinate attack strategies, defense against other guilds.

– Create an impenetrable fortress

Strategize and build fortress fortified with lightning strike guns, catapults and archers to protect the base in the best way, against the enemy’s attack.

– Won the throne

Participate in a series of weekly events to get a chance to win and earn rewards, such as rare dragon eggs or treasure hunting for yourself or the guild. Go ahead and win high rankings in the achievement rankings to assert yourself and become the world’s number one dragon lord.

– Experience a beautiful and spectacular dragon war

The game is based on Mantis Engine, an exclusive 3D game engine, featuring modern graphics and graphics. Experience the game on many mobile devices allows to visually explore every aspect of the beautiful world in the game.

War Dragons

Mantis Engine graphics technology that Pocket Gems uses in War Dragons has contributed to creating cinematic scenes. Players can explore the beautiful and authentic dragon world to every detail.


Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pocketgems.android.dragon



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