Vengeance RPG – Single player RPG game

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Vengeance RPG – Single player RPG game

Deciding to expand the market into the role-playing genre RPG, DimasjkTV has released an RPG called Vengeance. It has an epic style. If you like exploring the mysteries of the great warriors, adventure in the myths, then you should not miss this game.

As a warrior in Vengeance, you are brave and possess special abilities. You can train mounts, summon undead or adventure to a new world.

Your mission is to carry out the missions assigned by the NPC character. In the process, you have the opportunity to discover mysteries – something that has never been unearthed.

Vengeance RPG

If you’ve ever experienced DIABLO, you may feel that Vengeance’s map design is similar, because the details are meticulously designed and complete. The lands, dungeons and hundreds of species of monsters are waiting for you to conquer. Get ready to confront them! Like other RPG role-playing games, Vengeance’s control system is quite complete and professional.

On the left of the screen is a joystick button to control the moving character. The right includes the virtual key buttons that allow the character to attack and use magic. The red orb icon in the upper corner allows the player to track the character’s health.

Using magic with high damage power will consume a lot of mana. When you don’t have enough mana to use the skill, you can only use basic attack techniques.

Vengeance RPG

In addition, Vengeance has a feature that allows players to use mounts. It not only helps the character move faster, but also gives a more majestic appearance and assist in battles. If you do not want to use mounts, you can turn this off in the settings.

Vengeance has up to 7 character classes, including knights, assassins, supporters, wizards, archers, priests and necromancers.

Besides selecting a class, players can also choose a gender for the character. Each of them possesses four characteristic moves. Of course, they have the advantage of a certain aspect of the war.

Not stopping there, you can upgrade skills for characters by using magic books. Using support items, wearing defensive equipment, and equipping weapons is also a way to become stronger. The character will have a higher chance of winning when he has both shields and swords to fight!

Vengeance RPG

Initially, the character was only equipped with an iron hammer. You can collect other weapons during the battle. It will fall by the enemies you defeat. You can collect them to use.

If that doesn’t work, the player should gather materials to craft. These items usually have higher stats. How high the index depends on the type of material. Rare pieces and gems can create legendary equipment.

Support items are also very helpful. Although only effective for a limited time, the growth they bring can help players overcome a challenge more quickly!

Vengeance RPG

In addition, legendary mascots and mounts also assist players in battles. Having more allies, means that strength and win rate is increased. When completing quests or winning the match, you will be rewarded with gold coins. They are used in the process of upgrading, buying costumes and magic tricks.

Vengeance possesses beautiful graphics, when its context is monumentally designed, bringing a sense of ancient with mysterious tones. The lively, heroic sound platform also increases the appeal for the game. Especially, the view from the top helps you enjoy the medieval view in the most detailed way.

The fight against monsters has never ended in Vengeance. Are you ready to become a hero, use your strength to fight against those who are trying to destroy the peace of the world yet?

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