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Vegas Gangster City Android Gameplay

Vegas Gangster City is an action game simulating the Vegas crime city. In which you will have the opportunity to become a true gangster, perform bold, spectacular tasks and become the leader in the criminal underworld to fight the gang leaders.

Download Vegas Gangster City Mod APK (Unlimited Money) Latest Version

Welcome to Vegas crime city in the Vegas Gangster City game. This game gives you a real street life through bold car robbery, run away from the police, looting … on 3D graphics and special effects. Las Vegas is well-known for its great casinos, dangerous criminals, war criminals. The gamers who will challenge their courage and acumen. They are playing a gangster, gamers will sprout around the city of danger and make targets through precise shooting ranges as well as criminals.

In a place of crimes, you have to use a gun and join the most intense mafia battle ever. Gangstar Vegas opens up more space than the previously released Gangstar Rio. The interesting thing about this game is that the player controls the car as if it were being driven by a real car. The true feeling that you can not resist the attraction of this action game. Game graphics are also carefully scrubbed from the characters shadow, visual effects, real shooting sound, great physics.

Vegas Gangster City Mod APK for Android is a free game that allows players to do everything in the game, even imaginary things. Unlock all the weapons and find hidden secrets on the map. In addition, great beaches and buildings are the best things you can expect to see in the best travel city in the United States.

Key features of Vegas Gangster City (Mod Money)

  • Join Gangstar Vegas, in which you play a contracted assassin mafia in the storyline of an adventure.
  • Carry out 80 dangerous action tasks.
  • Set up a gang to take over the city of Vegas.
  • Explore the game map, which is 9 times bigger than the city in the old Gangstar game.
  • Make great acrobatics.
  • Reach to the global rankings with new challenges in the air, racing, fighting MMA.
  • Bank robbery.
  • Use special weapons such as gas bombs, flamethrowers, electric guitars.
  • Drive awesome cars like monster trucks, cars and Warcraft.
  • Upgrade your skills and accessories, customize their appearance.
  • The game has many features that we recommend that you connect to Play Store. In addition, you will also be offered some of the available applications on the device.


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