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When it comes to a first-class gaming experience, mobile games are not the ones coming to your mind first. However, Vainglory doesn’t belong to those games. After it was released on iOS platform, it finally made its way to Android. Vainglory is considered as one of the best multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA), which offers an experience like PC or console ones. Download Vainglory mod apk right away to know how wonderful it is.

Vainglory Mod APK latest for Android

In Vainglory, all actions of the character are based on touch activities. When clicking on a point on the screen, the character will move to that position. In addition, the activities of targets selection to attack, use skills, buy items … can be manipulated simply based on the touch, the player can easily get acquainted with the guideline for new players.

Of course, the main task of the player is to destroy the opponent’s main house to win the final. Like many MOBA games, at the beginning, the main task of the player is to farm minions for money, experience (leveling) or trying to defeat enemy heroes to increase the power.

Each character in Vainglory possesses the same skill and strength characteristics. Unfortunately, the heroes are not completely free, the players will have to buy in the shop. Of course, buying a hero can be done with either in-game money or cash rewards.

Vainglory’s gameplay mechanics are added with Kraken’s appearance – A neutral monster will appear in the middle of the map in 15 minutes. Especially, after defeating this monster, instead of receiving a power buff, Kraken will automatically join his side and attack the opponent’s main house.

Overall, similar to other MOBA games, Vainglory’s gameplay focuses primarily on farming, mapping, defeating the Hero, and destroying enemy buildings. Of course, every MOBA game needs its own creations to create its own characteristics. Vainglory has been well-done on this.

The key note about Vainglory Mod for Android:

* Mine: Mine is one of Vainglory’s breakthrough innovations. There are two types of mine in the game: Crystal and Gold. The Crystal Mine gives strength to its minions, the Gold Mine will bring the Gold to the party. There are a total of 4 neutral mines at the beginning of the game, take over mine to gain advantage for your side. The battle for winning mine will push Vainglory’s beat faster and more dramatic. Your enemy team to take over mine, which means that you lost half of the game.

* Kraken: Kraken is the strongest neutral monster in Vainglory (similar to Dora’s Roshan or LoL’s Baron). It is different from Roshan or Baron will give you resurrection or strong buffs, Kraken in Vainglory is much “coward”. Defeat Kraken, it will become your “friend” and help you attack the enemy. This is the quite interesting variation of the game.

* Skill: Each of the Vainglory Heroes has only 3 skills (2 normal, 1 ultimate) instead of 4 normal MOBA skills. This makes it easier for new players to enter the game but also limits the game’s abundance. This is a minus point of Vainglory.

* Item: Another funny point in Vainglory is that the Heroes only walk in the battlefield. If you want your characters to go faster, you have to buy shoes. Want to run? You have to activate the skill of the shoes (and only run for a few seconds). In addition to shoes, other Vainglory items are just like other MOBA titles and have nothing outstanding.

* Hero: At present, only 7 Heroes appear in Vainglory, each Hero has strengths and weaknesses with its own characteristics. It is not enough. However, this may also be fine in advance, because Vainglory is still in development and testing.

There is also a lot of coincidence between the gameplay of Vainglory and the League of Legends. Of course like all ARTS games, you need to control your character to fight your opponent, and the ultimate goal is to destroy the opponent’s Crystal. Both games are easy to familiarize and match the game, the small features while playing as the hero Tower is very strong, the character will be invisible when hiding in the grass.

Four play modes for beginners.

When you have first started at Level 1, you can not fight with others. You have to be familiar with four game modes including Guide, Co-op with Bots (you will find 2 other players to fight the bot), Gold Rush mode allows you to do last hit with General Ringo. And finally, Solo Practice, you will play alone but choose all the generals of the game even if they do not belong to you.

After reaching Level 3, you will be eligible to participate in Casual games to play with other players. Also at Level 3, players can start joining a party and find matches with friends. Also to play the Rank Match ranking mode, you need to have at least 3 Heroes with the Level 10 account. This can be seen as a way to absorb the player’s blood.

In addition to fighting with opponents outside the main road, players can also enter the forest and reach the mines to farm creeps. Also, there is also very large Creep called Minion Mine, which makes it very hard for players to defeat them. At the end of HP or MP, you can fly home to recover by clicking the corresponding icon in the lower right corner. This is quite similar to LOL when players do not have to spend money to buy items back home. Otherwise, your character can die completely at any time. Vainglory is a game worth playing on mobile, with many advantages to attract players. However, there is still a limitation to overcome in order to have a long-term community of players.

Again, Vainglory mod money is a MOBA with a basic rule which is two teams contain three players each and try to break the other’s base. Thus, you need to destroy giant tower guns that defense your opponent’s base. In each base, there will be a continuous flow of minions coming out for the purpose of distracting the enemy. To fight against them, players are required to cooperate with their teammates, think quickly and have strong hero skills.

The gameplay is extremely easy when you know how to play. You can choose from about 30 different heroes and each of them possesses many unique skills, so you will be free to find out the what the best combination is. In Vainglory, gold can be used to buy new facilities that will help you strengthen your attack, defense and get new abilities. Experience scores allow for upgrading and unlocking skills. Every week, there will have new heroes for you to try out. To do that, you have to collect items in the game.

Vainglory has a depth of content so you need to learn a lot before starting the game. It is a high time to complete tutorial missions that explain everything from key movements, some special skills, unlocking heroes to strategies to help you familiarize with it. To get access to all the features and events and experience the best of this game, you should register a profile.

Despite not a new game, Vainglory still captures players’ hearts with beautiful and impressive graphics. The animation is smooth and characters have various costumes. Besides, the control systems are really good, allowing you to check any part of the map and chat with teammates.

Main features of Vainglory:

  • A MOBA games for PC in a mobile format still offers the best multiplayer experience.
  • Play with other friends in real-time PvP battles against other live players.
  • More than 30 heroes are waiting for you to explore and team up a group of powerful heroes.
  • Require teamwork skills to climb up on the leaderboard.
  • Control systems are highly responsive.
  • Beautiful and excellent graphics.
  • Collect in-app items to unlock new heroes and more amazing rewards.
  • Have a global community in 17 languages.



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