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Utopia: Origin

Uploaded: October 9th, 2019
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Utopia: Origin

Utopia: Origin is an adventure game combining attractive and interesting survival. Lots of magical lands and valuable treasures are waiting for you to explore!

While there are still elements of many fierce ancient survival games such as The Ark of Craft: Dinosaurs, Survival Island: Evolve or Jurassic World: The Game, Utopia Origin emphasizes adventure and exploration, destroying new lands and searching for treasures.

When you wake up, you find yourself no longer in the familiar room, but in a strange, paradise-like world. This is the land of Utopia, the land of Beia. With the help of guide Xiaxia, a cute sparrow, start an exciting adventure in the fantasy land of the simulation game Utopia: Origin.

Utopia: Origin - Play in Your Way

Outstanding features of the game Utopia: Origin

  1. If the house is not solidly built, you will be arrested

Build your shelter now! There are wood and stones everywhere. Nobody was born to cut trees, exploit or carpentry, but in this land, you are granted magic, and everyone can learn and master all skills. When delivered to the manufacturing table, the wood and stone will be processed into planks and bricks. From there, a 2-story building will gradually be formed from the labor of the player.

When night falls, a mysterious mist will appear. As Xiaxia said, a group of demons with blue flickers will appear from the fog, but the fire in front of your house will prevent them from coming near. However, planning a survival plan is just the first step; many exciting adventures are waiting for you! Join the more locations in Utopia: Origin, the more chance you will have of building a great Guild of your own.

Utopia: Origin - Play in Your Way

  1. Explore the vast world

After the house was built, people could begin to explore the world. To bring the wild horses to your home, first prepare the horse food. Smelling the aroma of carrots and wheat baked on the pink fire, the horses will come forward, rub their heads into your hands, and eat happily. Climb gently on horseback, let the sunshine on your shoulders, and plan to explore the wilderness tomorrow! Players can even tame a dragon in the future!

Utopia: Origin - Play in Your Way

  1. The best thing about Beia is to unite and fight together

Animals and weapons are ready. Nothing can stop you from joining the journey to explore the mythical land of Utopia: Origin.

It is said that, on the islands, forests, deserts, and snow-capped mountains, the treasure that the creators left is currently guarded by monsters, dragons, and demons.

Looking north, you can see human skeletons hovering around the rubble, in the middle of which is a golden chest. The war began, and the bones are seemingly easy to be destroyed magic to surprisingly powerful. Finally, when you defeat them, you can open the treasure chest and take out a sparkling gem that can heal wounds.

Utopia: Origin - Play in Your Way

  1. Play by your way

Even when climbing the most remote ruins, sailing to the most romantic heart island or pulling out the giant dragon’s teeth, players still need more friends to work together and do everything.

So, it’s time to download Utopia Origin for Android now and embark on this exciting survival adventure!





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