US Army Frontline Special Forces

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US Army Frontline Shooter for Android – An attractive anti-terrorist sniper game. In the US Army Frontline Shooter FPS action game, you will play the special forces of the United States involved in the task of shooting to destroy the brutal terrorist crimes.

US Army Frontline Special Forces Mod APK (Unlimted Armor)

US Army Frontline Special Forces game is coordinated by various forces including the US Navy, the CIA, the military, and brave civilians who fight terrorists and Afghan warlords. Your mission is to defeat the Taliban and liberate the country from these brutal criminals by combating terrorism.

In this game, you will become a real hero and fight in the first person perspective (FPS). Each level of the game, you will be given the task of destroying a certain number of enemies in a certain time. Each enemy has a blood bar that represents their lives. Therefore, to kill them, the player must shoot until their blood bar is completely run out. After defeating the enemy, you need to collect the boxes to finish the level.

The map of the US Army Frontline Special Forces Commando Mission is quite vast. If the player does not want to get lost while determining the location of the enemy easier, game equipped with a miniature map on the left side of the screen. Thereby, you determine the direction and distance of the enemy to easily fight.

The US Army Frontline Shooter for Android has a diverse array of weapons, from pistols, machine guns to rifles, sniper rifles, etc. Each type of the weapon has different parameters such as firepower, firing range and different selling price. Initially, when you are at the beginning of the game, you only use the M1911, which is provided free. Later, when you destroy the enemy and earn gold, you will have the opportunity to unlock and use more modern guns.

The game control system is visualized, clear. The lower left corner of the screen is the joypad to adjust the character moves. The bottom corner should be the function buttons such as shot, viewfinder, run, change gun. You can also watch your blood through the blood bar in the upper right corner of the screen. This blood will only be used for one screen and to the back of it will automatically be filled. The upper left corner is the countdown time for each level and the number of enemies you need to kill.

The 3D graphics in the game is quite authentic, creating a large area with many nooks, walls, obstructed objects. They are shaped. Besides, the sound of gunfire, bullets, footsteps run very livelily, just like you are fighting the real battle.

Key features of the game:

  • Attractive gameplay.
  • Realistic charming 3D environment.
  • Adventure and emotional.
  • Many deadly tasks.
  • High-quality audio and video.
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