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After the success of Legends Heroes, the fans were delighted that APPCROSS has released Unlimit Heroes with more upgrading and attractive features. Since the game launched, it has brought a lot of new experiences for players and got high rankings on the list downloaded and voted indicators from players.

Unlimit Heroes Mod APK download for Android

Unlimit Heroes is an RPG Strategy Game for Android platform. The player joins with 5 other characters to form a team. Each team member will take on different tasks, they also have different skills and strengths. Players need to use their skills, take advantage of their strengths, and make up for weaknesses to win many rewards.


After entering, the interface of Unlimit Heroes will have a video about the origin of the army and the purpose of fighting for players to get more information. Then the player needs to name his character.
In one team, it will include the general, the warrior, the supporter, the magician, and the main shooter, the will symbolize for various strengths such as fire, water, light, shadow, and forest. There are a total of 155 heroes, warriors that you can choose to join your team.
There are various combat alternatives for players to choose from that are in temples, caves, academies or in the arena.

Gameplay and skills

In Unlimit Heroes, there is a PVP mode with a leading general. Players will play the leader and control to master all skills and win the game. Your team will fight with the enemy with the same number of people, but with different tactics.
With new players, the screen will show up the alerts for supporting. They are:

  • Tips to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the character
  •  The use of combat tactics, as well as how to create powerful attacks.
  • Functions of buttons, and buttons displayed on the screen.
  • How to upgrade your attacks and increase your strength.

There are many different gates that consist of different armies and different enemies. Your team needs to pass all to win and be ranked high. Like your army, the enemy’s team will consist of small soldiers and then the general. You need to beat all soldiers, then the general will appear. Every team member needs to use their skills, combining them with another so that they can be stronger and win.
After winning the game, your team will receive the money or other amazing rewards. The player may be leveled up after each match. The warriors in the team will be upgraded gradually, you can also use the money to upgrade your character, speed up the attack, increase the features and add other advantages. In Unlimit Heroes, players can also earn extra cash or reward with daily login challenges, monthly login or pass through the levels of the system.

Sound and imagine

The image of Unlimit Heroes is designed very lively, colorful and close to the player. Each character has unique appearance including various equipment such as clothes, hair, armor, weapons. Accompany the images on the display, and sketch the speed, the attack is very beautiful and attractive. The background music stimulates the fighting ability accompanied by lively fighting sounds. With the game, players will experience the most authentic feeling.


Unlimit Heroes promises to be a unique strategy game and get a lot of love from the players. You can download this game easily from the App Store.


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