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UC News is a media application on Android, released in 2016 by Alibaba, UC News application that allows users to track news around the world via a smooth interface. Simple and easy to use. UC News is essentially a news aggregator, with many reputable channels allowed around the world. In addition, you can also update Cricket scores continuously with the Live Score features of this application. To install this application, we provide you with a free UC News APK file, which you can download by following the link above, good luck!

Requires :

  • Your device must be running Android 4.0 or higher.
  • Storage capacity is less than 10mb.
  • Requires Internet, 3G or Wifi connection to use.
  • Allow access to your location
Uc News download apk for Android

Features of UC News application for Android

Simple User Interface:

UC News is designed as a regular mobile reading application with a beautiful flat-panel interface. Although it contains a lot of different content, UC News’s interface is easy to use, and you can control it completely after just a few clicks of the mouse.
After application installing, you need pass a few necessary basic settings, includes:

  • Select Language: At the moment, you can choose English, Hindian.
  • Choose your favorite categories: You can choose the news categories that interest you, which will be more prominent than the news. The app news categories are divided into different tabs, so you can easily switch back and forth between these tabs by swiping left or right, all of your app’s news channels clearly provided. And you can delete news sources that you do not want to see.

Variety of content

UC News latest version has more than 20 different news channels broken down into categories: Life, Security, Technology, Cricket, Fashion, … not only display news aggregated globally with reputable channels. UC News also allows users to view news stories from famous bloggers around the world. News content on UC News is carefully selected and updated so you can easily keep up with the latest local or global news.
News channels will be updated regularly, the content of UC News will be richer.

Trending Content:

The most prominent content will be shown by UC News show priority, the technology trend is also updated regularly. One of the highlights of UC News is the ability to recognize trends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, thereby streamlining the display of news in a more flexible way. This inspires the user and makes the app more user-friendly.

Easy to share

When there is good news you want to share with everyone, UC News will help you, news on UC News can be easily shared on social networks with just a few clicks. Option to copy a piece of text in an article to share with others, this is a great and useful way to share a good quote or the most prominent information to everyone.

Read offline news

A very good feature of UC News app allows you to read news in Offline mode. For example: When you see a insterseting news but do not have time to read it right away, you can save it and open it in free reading, without the need for a cellular data connection.
Flexible customization
UC News allows you to organize your news feeds to your liking. You can also add or remove news channels by default by accessing the application’s settings, which also supports the nightly interface. Allows the user to switch the interface to dark colors to protect the eyes when viewing the news.

How to install UC News on Android?

  1. Download the app file we provided below, then copy to your phone’s memory card.
  2. Install the normal APK file
  3. Start the application and select the display language
  4. Choose the news categories you love
  5. Done!

More features:

  • The interface of UC New is simple, easy to use and works smoother
  • UC News offers you the most up-to-date and relevant news for your hobby
  • UC News uses data compression technology so it can load news faster and save mobile data
  • You can express feelings about a topic, or join discussions with other users who are also interested in that topic.
  • UC News does not contain ads that bother you, and every experience is optimized for the user

Q and A?

Where can I download UC News?

You can visit the Google Play Store, search for UC News and then install the app as you normally would.
However, there is an easier way, we provide you APK file of this application, you can install them immediately with just a few steps.

Which UC News mobile platform?
Currently, UC News is released on Android and iOS platforms.

What is the news on UC News?
Looking to every Android mobile user, however, the app is currently growing the most in India so if you live here, UC News is the best news channel you should ever use.

Can I select the language for the application?
Yes, you can choose to change the language of the application, UC News currently supports 2 languages: English and Hindi.

Can I customize the news feeds?
Yes, to do this, just click on the (+) icon displayed on the main interface, where you can add or remove the news feeds that you want.

Can I contribute news to the app?
Yes, UC News now allows users to send news to the app (which will be moderated before publishing), and you can also receive real money from new news-sharing activities.)


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