Trump Space Invaders

Uploaded: January 11th, 2018
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Space Invaders is probably a familiar game in the people’s childhoods from the 80s to 90s generation. But with the Trump Space Invaders, players will experience a completely new version of the game Space Invaders with the participation of the president Donald Trump.

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Trump Space Invaders’ gameplay is very simple and based on the original version. The only difference is that your opponent is not spaceships, you will be the person to resist Trump’s invasion of the White House. Not only are the Trump’s ships, but you will also sometimes have to deal with the “boss” Trump. If you defeat the boss, you will get bonus points and live.

The Trump Space Invaders‘ control mechanism is also quite easy. With three virtual keys on the screen, players have to control their spaceships properly and attack the “Trump” spaceships. You have to beat all the targets to win the game. However, you should be careful to avoid the attack from the enemy if you do not want to end the game sooner than expected. Besides, when playing the game, you can try to turn on the sound, you will encounter the familiar saying some sentences that Mr Trump has spoken on television.

Trump Space Invaders key features:

  • Fun and interesting gameplay
  • Classic graphics
  • Interesting challenges

Trump Space Invaders is a free-2-play game with an in-app purchase system, which allows you to buy some cash items. You can download the game via the link below.


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