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Truecaller: Caller ID & Dialer Premium for Android is a super-powerful caller ID and block application that allows users to easily find and identify anonymous calls, view contact information of callers based on current time and location.

Among the best management applications for Android devices today, Truecaller Premium is a very prominent one. This is a very effective tool that enables users to see who is calling even if the caller is not in contact lists. Truecaller gives users information about callers and numbers which are marked as unwanted ones. It can also block unwanted calls so that users won’t be disturbed with unnecessary calls of telemarketers or spammers. Therefore, they can avoid such annoying calls. Truecaller has been available on a variety of mobile platforms such as iOS, Windows Phone, Android and has gained customers’ trust as the application continues to be improved with more powerful features.

Truecaller Premium APK is quite light on resources, with less than 10 MB in bulk. The interface is simple and intuitive.

Main features of Truecaller Premium for Android:

  • Identify who the caller is even if the contact is not in contact lists.
  • Block unwanted calls if they are detected as spammers or telemarketers.
  • Search for information related to any phone number.
  • Enter any phone number (possibly from websites or applications) and Truecaller will tell you that number belongs to the individual, business or organization.
  • Search for other users (Premium Version).
  • “Tweet” and follow anyone on Twitter directly from Truecaller.
  • Create a black list to add to the already existing spam list.


  • Truecaller Caller ID feature requires 3G or WIFI connection.
  • Blocking SMS is not supported for Android 4.4.
  • For Android version 6.0, Truecallers requires permission to have access to the phone.

Additional Information:

  • If the contact’s identity information is not displayed, you need to follow these steps: Settings => General => Application manager => Truecaller => Enable Custom Select Show notifications. Additionally, this feature also requires users to connect to 3G or WiFi to use.
  • When a phone number is marked as spam, this contact will be moved to the Common Spammers list. This is a common filter for every user in every country and will be updated once a week.
  • When you block a call, the caller will not know that you blocked them. Depending on the service Provider, the blocked person will receive a busy signal or sent to voicemail.
  • To change phone numbers in Truecaller, users need to deactivate the current account.On the application interface, touch the Profile icon in the upper left corner => (Settings) => (About) =>(Deactivate account). At this time, the user can authenticate the new phone number and this account is connected directly to your phone.
  • Truecaller makes sure no one can get your phone number by searching for names or viewing records unless your permission is given. Only public or contact numbers in the Truecaller partner directory will be displayed.
    In addition, users can set up options which can know their phone number (All Truecaller users), (Friends of friends) or (Requests only).
  • To remove blocked phone numbers from the blacklist, open the application and touch (Block) => (Manage blocked callers), then find the phone number you want to remove from the list and touch the minus icon next to them
  • A hidden phone number, also known as a private phone number, means that when an incoming call does not display the contact’s name. In this case, Truecaller can not identify the caller’s identity. However, you can block this call completely by opening the app, touch Block, and turn on the Hidden Phone feature.



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