Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis

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Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis will almost revolve around prototypes inspired by real-life locations such as Egyptian tombs or mysterious buildings.

Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis Mod APK for Android

Gamers will play the role of a treasure hunter on the road to conquer new challenges as well as find the buried treasure. It will not be easy as most of the time you will be blocked by door monsters such as mummies, vampires or robots. At the end of each level, you will find the powerful bosses or special skills to try.

Reference to the gameplay mechanics, Zombie Crisis bring the standard style of the ARPG gameplay, with a fixed third-person perspective from the top. Besides, players can control and skill with the virtual keypad. At the same time, your character will not be able to use all of his skills. You must unlock one by one by taking on the task of getting experience.

About the character set that players can use, the game brings four main characters with a different gameplay and skill set. It can be Charles Hunter with guns, which can fire the electricity with a wide range; or Mary with the energy shot but the damage is extremely terrible and also has the ability to perform the dead skill. You can choose the character you like, but you can completely change the style of play by converting your weapon.

Treasure Raiders: Zombie Features:

  • Funny characters and hilarious storyline.
  • A huge map with many different terrains
  • Variety of levels and interesting stages.
  • Tons of Weapons and Equipment to try and equipment.
  • Dividing the work is clear-cut, collaborate in battle.
  • Connect to your account and play with your friends

Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis Mod apk brings Chibi-style graphics, cute characters, and dialogue. It makes sure to bring great entertainment moments to the players.
In addition to the game with level passing style, you can also participate in the game PvP to try with other players. Besides, one of the essential things is that you have to coordinate perfectly with your teammates to create the most powerful combos.


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