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Touchgrind BMX Mod APK Unlimited Money for Android

If you are familiar with motorcycle racing games, engine sounds, car sounds, TOUCHGRIND BMX 2 will bring a new experience of bike racing for you. Following up on the success of the touchscreen BMX version of the original manufacturer Illusion Labs, with this upgrade version, players will experience more dangerous terrain and more special racing experience. The content of TOUCHGRIND BMX 2 is quite simple. Players are involved in many different races with many types of terrain are simulated true and vivid. The TOUCHGRIND BMX 2 will have the image of a bike. The race track is in 3D.

About the gameplay

When you start the game, you will see the game mode for you to select the corresponding terrain. For the beginners, there will be only one choice: the first level, the next levels are locked. Players need to play in sequence, after each victory, the game is opened the next terrain.

After choosing the door, the player will be selected the type of car. The players will only have a default car. On the screen will show the parameters, and parts of the car for the player to track. Players can select the race and bike terrain and then press the “GO” button in the bottom right corner of the screen to start the race.
At the start of the race, the system will show you quick instructions to start the game. The player uses his fingers to move the bike to overcome the obstacles and complete the race without losing the control. The operations should smoothly blend to the left, right to match the terrain race.
The left side will show the points and money that you received after crossing obstacles. In occasional, screen displays will alert the player to be able to handle the situation more reasonably and quickly.
If you climb the ramp and the bicycle is overturned, then you will lose at this door and must restart from the beginning. Usually, after each failure, the system will show you the hint to avoid making mistakes at the next time. And when you drive through each door or conquer a race track, the player will receive trophy or medals from the system.

Features and equipment

In the TOUCHGRIND BMX 2, there are many races for the player to choose from. The following races will be more difficult. The next levels will be unlocked after the player completes a challenge. Players can create their own profiles and participate on the rankings board.
As you play across the terrain, the amount of money you receive will increase, and the player will use the proceeds to open up new terrains or upgrade your racing car. Each type of car will fit in different terrain so players need to choose for themselves at least 2 or 3 vehicles. You can also upgrade the cars that you have purchased so that you can run faster, add more features, and more techniques. Besides with the car upgrading, you should also train the skills to coordinate rhythm, the fastest case handling.

Images and sounds

TOUCHGRIND BMX 2 has a smart function that players can record their racing journey with HD mode and share it on social networks. The graphic design of the game is a true, clear 3G image. When you start the game, it will be a fun and exciting background music. Starting the race will be familiar sounds from the movement of the chain, the wheel, and the slam on the road.
Players will experience the most authentic feeling when participating in each race.


TOUCHGRIND BMX 2 promises to be a favorite bike multiplayer game. You guys can visit the store and download the game for free, or click the link below to download the game right now!


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