Tomb Of The Mask 2

Tomb Of The Mask 1.3 apk mod

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Tomb Of The Mask – An Attractive Ancient Tombs Game
Tomb of the Mask is an addictive endless adventure game, seemingly made up of people with absolute retro style. The game gives players the feeling as if they are experiencing the legendary Pac-Man game but at a completely different level.
Tomb of the Mask is released by the Playgendary producer and is updated via multiple versions to fix some bugs to improve the game. The game is a great combination of retro-style graphics, fast-paced gameplay and fairly simple controls.
Coming to Tomb of the Mask, the player enters a crypt with a classic Pac-Man-style maze. Your task is to collect small yellow dots and coins on your discovery path. Like Pac-Man, every dot you collect will increase your score.

Tomb Of The Mask 2

Tomb Of The Mask 1.3 APK MOD

In Tomb of the Mask, players will incarnate into a small adventurer in an infinite labyrinth world with dangerous, deadly traps. All you have to do is move your finger in the direction you want your character to go, your character will run in that direction and stop when you encounter an obstacle and you will have to slide your finger in one other directions help the character move forward. Join your little adventurer to explore the vast, mysterious labyrinth, running from room to room collecting coins that appear on the path, sharp, cleverly avoiding delicate traps.

Tomb Of The Mask 2

It sounds easy but when you experience it you will find speed is survival in this game, quick reflexes, quick thinking can exist in this game. Practice, play fast and ask your friends to play with you to see who can avoid the pitfalls and go away, make sure you and your friends have fun and interesting entertainment moments.
Tomb of the Mask has two main game modes which are arcade mode and level mode. In arcade mode you will perform your character move in the maze, overcome and avoid the pitfalls, explore the roads in the maze and eat lots of money on the way until you die because of running into traps or get vheest drowning because you run slowly up the water from below. In level mode, you will play through smaller screens, which can be completed in a short time.
This arcade adventure game has a simple control mechanism similar to Spike City, but also brings significant challenges for players. Since the character will move automatically, you will have to determine the direction for it by swiping in different directions on the screen.

Tomb Of The Mask 2

Of course, tombs are always a mysterious place, containing unpredictable things. The danger of stalking is always present in front. There are no ghosts or demons chasing you behind, but there are a lot of utopian things trying to kill you. You have to use your reflexes to control the character as quickly as possible because the floodwaters flood into the crypt at a tremendous speed. Once touched, the game is over.
Besides, you also have to face other obstacles such as carpet nails, bats, cannons, puffer fish, arrows shot from all sides and more. Fast response, timely and accurate action is what you need to overcome all deadly obstacles.
To make the player’s adventure more convenient, the game offers a number of help items that bring temporary benefits such as freezing enemies, collecting all small dots and coins. You can upgrade these items with money and can even unlock many other perks.

Tom of the Mask is an arcade game that requires accuracy and agility. With pixel-style graphics, fast-paced gameplay and simple controls, the game will make anyone immersed in the world of dark tombs that contain many interesting things to come here. Download Tom of the Mask and enjoy your own memorable adventure!


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