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You are looking for a healthy, colorful and unique game for your kids, which can bring the well educated and entertainment features to your kid, Toca Life: After School is a great game for your kid at the present. Toca Life: After School is published by Toca Boca, which has been very successful with previous educational games such as Toca Kitchen, Toca Hair Salon, and Toca Boca. The player can learn more about the world, stimulate imagination and creativity. The products of this manufacturer are based on the interest, and the creativity of the children includes fun activities, learning.


Toca Life: After School is comprised of mostly school backgrounds, life revolves around characters. The core activities in a variety of locations include dormitories, eateries, clubs, yards. There are many entertainment activities for the players, which apply to the characters. After School is an educational game. It is not an action or tactical game, so it is entertaining and relaxing. Therefore, the game is pretty slow because they do not need to compete with anyone. Players can change their costumes, participate in various mini-games such as basketball, skateboarding, etc. There are also dining and entertainment counters, such as playing music, which help you create a band of your own, practice painting classes or serve some personal needs such as sleeping, bathing, watching television…
Players can easily change the location of each character, furniture using the sensor on their mobile device.

Key features

Toca Life: After School consists of 34 characters with different activities, which allow the player to be creative, and good arrangements. Each character will have a different storage to keep his clothes and accessories. You want to change the outfit for the character that can press the suit and attach to other persons. During the operation, players can record their stories and then share them with friends with a 2-minute video, which is featuring the special features of Toca Life: After School. To use this feature, you can press the blue button in the top right corner of the screen. The bottom of the right corner allows players to update Toca Life free news channel, following Life Weekly on Thursdays. Besides, players can check out more information about the game and
About Toca Boca producer. Besides the playgrounds, there are painting room, dancing room, DJ room. In addition, the players can create their own basketball and football team to play against other teams. Each team will have a different logo and color.
In addition to the food and entertainment services, you can also choose your favorite destination as the roof to complete your unique Graffiti paintings.

Unique points

Toca Life Time: After School is infinite, with no scores, and no ratings so you can play it whenever you want. Customers will not encounter any ads during the play time like many games today.
In addition, all the food, clothing, or entertainment are provided free of charge to the consumer, without the need to shop for items in the booth or any cost.


Toca Life: After School is a highly educational game that is simple and easy to play so it is perfect for kids. Surely, this game will bring you a lot of exciting experiences.

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