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Toca Life: School for Android will make children see a day in school fun and exciting through a series of attractive. Toca Life: School for Android is a great entertainment option that parents should give their children in the free time. At Toca Life: School, players are free to experience a variety of activities such as teaching a class, choosing lockers, or battling canteens. With five locations and 34 characters, the player is fully capable of creating a series of adventures exploring dreaming schools in different ways.

Toca Life: School APK download latest version for Android

Thanks to the abundant ideas of children around the world, Toca Boca has developed Toca Life – series games that provide an unprecedented world for the children to experience the joy of the life. Following the success of the first two games: Toca Life: Town and Toca Life: City for Android, Toca Life: School for Android promises to bring amazing, meaningful activities to help the player understand and love school.


Toca Life: School for Android has 5 unique storytelling locations for school life. Go out to the playground and train a basketball team, conduct science experiments in the classroom and improvise with the band in the youth club. The whole character, everything can easily move between locations.

Hidden treasures

Dress up the funny clothes, then enjoy yourself at the party. Combine color solutions in chemistry labs, climb trees and play hide and seek. The youth club is open to bringing players a lot of fun activities such as swimming, table tennis or playing music.

Key features of Toca Life: School APK for Android

  • 5 places to explore, including housing, canteen, school, club and so on
  • Play with 34 characters with different appearances.
  • Explore the school with separately themed lockers, an office and a classroom with laboratory equipment
  • Turn on the fire alarm and use the fire extinguisher
  • Learn to play classic keytar and set up a band in the club
  • Play sports or participate in sports competitions on school grounds
  • Chewing gum and smelling bombs
  • Start a food fight in the canteen and clean it up later
  • No time limit or score, play for as long as you like
  • No third-party advertising
  • No game printing package

With all the above features, Toca Life: School for Android has proven to be a fun and rewarding educational playground, which is suitable for kids of kindergarten age and up. Through a series of close-up activities, the children will be able to memorize, improve life skills and love art.


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