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“What do adult people do at the office all day?” This is a question that most of the kids want to know. In Toca Life: Office for Android, babies can tell a lot of stories about their own personal life.

Toca Life: Office for Android is a fun simulation office job for kids. Toca Life: Office is like a lot of another normal office. It contains a lot of daily fun with computers, printers, copiers; Have lunch at a cafeteria and get money from the bank. Moreover, the simple office life in Toca Life can take you on an exciting adventure, filled with amazing surprises that you would not expect, such as helicopter work, turn people to the superhero … Download Toca Life: Office APK for Android and discover it!

Toca Life: Office APK download latest for Android

Toca Life: Office for Android leads the children to visit and discover 6 fascinating places:

  • Kindergarten: Babysitting is the first stop. This is where babies care when parents work during the day. Here, children can play musical instruments, slide, mud bath, outdoor plants
  • Bank: The place where the valuables are safe and secure. However, when the alarm sounded, it the alert that the thief breaks through and steals money.
  • Office: Use the printer to print the document, then make photocopies. In addition, players must solve puzzles at the desk to discover an interesting secret.
  • House Spots: Try the cafeteria food to discover the new menu. This area also has a helicopter waiting in the yard so players can leave quickly
  • Trial Court: Place of the investigation. The player must deal with a case, Hold a court and issue a rule. There is a secret escape in prison – Who will escape? Look for answers.
  • Apartments: After a long day, relax at home. Cook, sleep, even wash clothes.

The highlights of GameToca Life: Office for Android:

  • Take your simulation in 6 locations, including bank, office, terrace, court, apartment, kindergarten, extra storage with chimney
  • Meet 35 new characters
  • Search for outfits hidden in different positions and turn character into superhero
  • Search for surprise in the secret compartment
  • Move onto the floor with a glass elevator
  • Keep valuables in the bank, set up alerts to keep them safe
  • Discover the hidden object in the safe
  • Draw on a whiteboard, print data from your computer, and copy with your copier
  • Explore the big office and unlock secret hidden places
  • Play with the jellyfish in the fish tank at the window
  • Become a chef and cook delicious coffee
  • Jump on the helicopter and start the launch
  • Open an interrogation in court
  • Discover secret “escape” doors at the prison

If this weekend, parents are looking a great entertainment for children on the mobile, then Toca Life: Office is a perfect choice. Toca Life: Office APK for Android will help children develop their thinking and life awareness.


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