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Toca Blocks for Android is a unique world-building game. It makes players free to create a dream living environment, play and share it with your friends. What can your imagination do for you? Download Toca Blocks mod for Android to find the answer.


Free to build the world you’ve always dreamed of and fills them with your self-made adventure paths. Toca Blocks for Android is for players to design the adventure, complex race tracks or beautiful floating islands. Meet and explore the unique talents of the characters while brings them into your world.


Explore the properties of the shapes by merging them together to form a new shape. Learn about their characteristics, such as the blocks are squared, mucus, some of which can turn into beds, diamonds, stools or other unexpected things that you can hardly think about. Combine the blocks to change their colors, motifs and give you a more magical design. The more you understand about shapes, the more creative you are.

Capture, share, and import data

Save and share all the great things in your world. Use the camera feature to capture a picture. In addition, players can share unique shape codes with family and friends so they can enter your world and discover for yourself and vice versa. Step into the world of friends and turn them into your part.

The highlight feature of Toca Blocks fun game for Android

  • Combine shapes to create new materials and patterns
  • More than 60 interesting items to build
  • World creating is unlimited, players can design as many worlds as you like
  • Capture your photo and share their Block code so your friends and family can adventure in your world.
  • Get code from other people to merge their world into yours
  • Meet the heroes and discover their supernatural powers
  • Delete the block with eraser
  • Use a pencil to create multiple blocks at the same time
  • Open gameplay, no rules or time pressure, goal…
  • Friendly user interface
  • No third-party advertising

Generally, Toca Blocks mod is a perfect recreation for kids. This fun game challenges the imagination, the creativity of the children in animated graphics. The character is extremely humorous adorable. Playing Toca Blocks for Android is not only for recreation but also has the opportunity to develop your visual and logical thinking skills by combining shapes to create the dream world. Let your imagination fly high, fly away with Toca Blocks mod apk full for Android.


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