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Tinder for android is an application that allows users to search and date other users around the world. Tinder is a free application for everyone who wants to find and make friends with those around them. We give you Tinder APK file, So you do not need to download this app through the Google Play Store

Tinder APK latest download for Android

Tinder is seen as a verb for everyone using this application, which means finding and getting to know people around you. So how does this application work? OK I will tell you. Tinder is an extremely easy to use application, after you download and install this app from the app store or apk file we provide, the application will ask you to log in to start using. You will use the Facebook’s account to login, the main interface of the application will display a list of users who are right for you. You can swipe left to skip, when you find the right person you want to make friends with, just touch the screen to start a conversation.

Tinder is a safe and exciting application

Tinder apk for Android saved and displays the profile of millions of registered users. To find a person to date with them, the application will help you choose the most suitable results, this application is very useful for those who are looking for new friends or are feeling tired in life. You can change photos or personal introductions. This application will not post anything to your personal Facebook account, but it will access your avatar, your friends list and all the fan pages you used to like.

Common questions when using Tinder on Android:

I can not send the message

In this case, you need to make sure your device has a stable Internet connection (Wifi recommended). To fix it, you can touch the message to resend or restart the app, then try sending the message again.

I lost all my friend accounts

You should sign out the application then log back in again. To do this, go to Settings, select App Settings, scroll down to Logout then log in again. If only a few accounts are lost, they may have deleted their account or blocked you.

Accidentally skipping someone’s account, can I swipe back?

No you can’t. Only registered Tinder Plus accounts can do this. To sign up for a VIP account, just click the “Undo” or blue icon then follow the instructions.

How to change my age?
The Tinder app imports your real age from Facebook, just open Tinder, sign out of the account, and sign in again. Your age will automatically be updated in a few hours. You can also delete the account and start over again, but this also causes everything to be deleted together.

Error could not upload to Tinder

Make sure you are using the latest version of Tinder. Make sure your photos was in a public album, if it still does not work, you can move it to another album on Facebook and try again.










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