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Timbre for Android is a highly recommended audio and video editing application. Timbre for Android helps users cut, join and convert these files quickly and completely for free.

Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert mp3 APK download for Android

Timbre allows users to perform various operations on audio and video files, most commonly:

  • Audio and clip Cutting: The application supports fast cutting any song or any clip according to the user’s preferences. It features an audio cutter, high-quality output. Using it, users can cut music or a film scene attractive. Timbre for Android supports cutting-edge most popular media file formats, from mp4, mp3 to avi, Flv, MKV and more.
  • Audio and video connection: Want to connect audio files? Or video merge? Timbre allows you to seamlessly connect a Mp3 song or join multiple videos together, combining your favorite files into one
  • Convert audio, video: Want to convert wave to mp3? Or FLAC to m4a? How to convert MKV video to mp4 or avi? With Timbre for Android, you can completely convert all audio and video files to many different formats, including mp3, wave, FLAC, m4a, aac & WMA for audio and mp4, FLV, AVI, mkv, Webm & MPEG for video
  • Video to audio Conversing: It is too simple with the help of Timbre for Android. It includes a high-quality mp3 video converter which allows the user to extract mp3 from a video.
  • Convert video to GIF: Convert video to GIF animation easily

Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert mp3 App boasts the most comprehensive audio and video editing application ever seen on the Google Play Store. Its most prominent feature is cutting audio and multi-format clips. However, not only that, you will find here everything you need to create a unique, unique media file.

In addition to the features highlighted on, Timbre for Android also

  • Audio / Video Splitter: Quickly divide any audio or video file into two parts
  • Audio / Video Omitter: Cut off a portion of the middle of audio or video
  • Audio Bitrate Changer: Compress mp3 or m4a files and select a custom bitrate
  • Audio / Video Speed Changer: Change the speed of audio and video files

Using Timbre’s high-quality mp3, mp4 cutter for Android, it’s easy to edit songs and videos at will without much effort. The application ensures optimal output compression with super-small but still output quality.

Timbre for Android uses the popular FFmpeg library, the industry standard for clip and audio editing. FFmpeg not only allows Timber to support a variety of media types but also provides a high quality, super fast plugin. What do you guess that is? There is a native FFmpeg console built right into this application so you can edit and tweak the quality of the clip and the song.

Last but not least, Timbre for Android also has the ability to convert text into voice. It uses the text to speech technology available on the phone for users to type or paste any text and Timbre will convert it into a voice. Then, the user can listen to or output it to the audio file.

Timbre for Android requires permissions:

  • Write to external storage to save edited media files
  • Keep the CPU in a “wake” state so that Timbre can perform multiple actions for a long time even when the user turns off the screen.
  • The Internet (Wifi only): If Timbre crashed, the developer will save detailed errors to fix it quickly.

As you can see, Timbre for Android contains almost all the video editing features, useful audio. Download Timbre APK for Android for free, so does not hesitate to install it on your Android devices and enjoy it.


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