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Tidal for Android is the world’s first music service with High Fidelity sound quality. It contains high-definition music videos which are assessed by top music experts, artists and music magazines. Let’s download Tidal apk for Android for free and enjoy music right now.

TIDAL APK download latest for Android

Tidal for Android is a music streaming service with the best sound quality on the current app store. Like Spotify Music, It contains HD-quality music videos and songs selected by industry-leading experts. You’ll find Tidal for Android perfect and it works well on most Android versions today.
With over 40 million songs with high quality, you can easily find the song you want, listen to it online or offline.

Key features:

  • High Fidelity sound quality: Not compressed and original sounds are kept. When users experience audio lossless, they can enjoy music in an artistic way. Unlimited connections with over 40 million tracks.
  • High-Definition music video: Enjoy watching over 130,000 music clips without being annoyed by advertising; images with consistent quality.
  • Song selection: Find your favorite songs, arrange albums and playlists like famous music magazines.
  • News section: Read articles related to songs and interesting interviews with celebrities.
  • Offline mode: Save albums and playlists offline, listen to favorite tracks at anywhere, support up to 3 devices.
  • Favorite Playlist: Create a simple personal music collection by choosing favorite albums, artists, and songs.

Of course, users can also create playlists, share them with friends, listen to radio according to artist or song, check artist information, search for the related musician, change playing order and more.
What’s new?

  • Localized to the Italian language
  • Upgrade and fix bugs

In short, Tidal apk download for Android is a high-quality music player that you should experience right now. The application has a nice interface, lots of interesting features, rich content and is completely free.


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