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The Walking Dead: Our World MOD APK for Android

With the success of the Pokemon GO game, Next Games has released The Walking Dead: Our World, with many new features to attract players from the very beginning. This game is based on the movie series The Walking Dead that launches with the interesting trailers. Right now, you can download games and start your adventure in the world.

Background and content

Next Game is the producer of The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. Since they released The Walking Dead: Our World trailer, they have received a lot of attention from the players. The game uses virtual reality enhancement technology like Pokemon Go. As the game progresses, players will be transformed into characters, who are simulated as the real characters in the TV series, The Walking Dead.


The Walking Dead: Our World is designed for the mobile platform, with the fight against zombies. There are lots of scenery and spaces for you to fight with the zombies, depending on your choice, including in the park, on the street, in the house, on the bench, or on any location. When you start the game, the system will display on the map for you. The player uses available weapons to fight the zombies in front of and around him. Players will be using a variety of weapons such as pistols, shotguns, or other support items such as grenades, smoke bombs… If you use the gun, it will have the standard focus for players to shoot the enemy. If the guns run out of the bullet, it will need 3 or 4 seconds to recover, as well as loaded. Players will be joined by one of the celebrities such as Rick, Michonne, Daryl or any of your favorite characters in The Walking Dead.
The mission of the player is to combine his teammates to destroy all the zombies for cleaning up the city and protecting themselves and other people. After completing the quest, as well as destroying all zombies, the player will receive money and other amazing rewards. The rewards and weapons are diverse such as guns, swords, ammunition or some other items that support your combat.

You need to use your shooting skills, accurate shooting to save your ammunition as well as shorten the time to kill the enemy. Players can also join tournaments, challenge weekly with other players to win the rewards.
With each tool and his teammates, players can also use the money after each stage to upgrade. This upgrade gives the weapon more power, more skill and increases the winning rate, shortening the battle time. Players can communicate with each other by chatting, so they can invite friends to participate in the fight, or to support them to fight the zombies. In addition to fighting zombies, players can also build bases, where they hide.

AR Technology

In The Walking Dead: Our World, the manufacturer uses AR technology, which integrates with the internet and graphics into the real world and creates virtual objects, virtual worlds. Using this technology makes the image more realistic and lively. This is the type of fighting game that integrates virtual interaction technology, which brings new experiences to players. AR technology has been used and very successful with Pokemon Go. So since the launch of The Walking Dead: Our World, it has received a lot of praise and downloads.


If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, you should not miss a game that is an attractive entertainment. Experience The Walking Dead: Our World and Protect Your City!


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