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The Trail APK mod for Android is great game suits for the devotees who like to conquer new lands like Columbus. The Trail for Android is considered one of the best adventure games in 2016 and so far, its attraction has not been reduced.

The Trail Mod APK latest for Android

Join the expedition team of The Trail for Android on a journey of exploring the uncharted lands. Let’s go to the town of Eden Falls to explore, build, collect, trade, even settle down and build everything you want.

The Trail for Android is developed by Peter Molyneux, the co-creator of the legendary God Game genre, the pioneer of mobile life simulator game. If you also love Peter Molyneux, you should know classic games such as Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper, Fable, Populous, and Godus. Most of his games are highly appropriated for both gameplay and graphics quality. The Trail mod is no exception.

Features game The Trail mod apk for Android

  • Beautiful pictures: Enjoy the beautiful scenic environments.
  • Simple operation: All gamers only use your finger, swipe, and drag to move anywhere in The Trail for Android.
  • Get rich: Get to the new world to learn to produce every thing, sell and become rich.
  • Community Building: Join town development to unlock more features and work together to create the most livable town in the world.
  • Making friends: Get to know a smart dog. It will follow you every where and help you relax at home.
  • The unique play style combines Endless Runner, manufacturing, building and enrichment.

The new updates of The Trail for Android

  • Added dinosaur costume
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed a town menu error that is not showing up in warehouse content
  • Emote is no longer showing on the maps or menus anymore
  • Fixed other minor bugs

As you can see, The Trail for Android is quite easy to play. So, no matter what age you are, you can experience the journey simulation game of these adventurers. Interested readers can download The Trail for Android for free on the Play Store by clicking the link below.


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