The Phantom Fable Apk Download 1

The Phantom Fable Apk Download

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The Phantom Fable Apk Download 1The Phantom Fable is the latest adventure game from Cartoon Network, taking you to the journey to rescue the team of Crystals Gems stuck in a mysterious ancient book. How to free them? Follow Steven and Connie in this challenging adventure.

The Phantom Fable Apk Download

Steven Universe is a popular American animated series shown on Cartoon Network, which revolves around the adventure of protecting the world from the dangers of a young boy named Steven Universe – who lives with Crytal Gems in the City Beach City. Crytal Gems includes 3 alien girls, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.

The Phantom Fable Apk Download 1

The themes of the series are often about love, family and the importance of the relationship between people and people. Comic books and games based on this series have been released worldwide by Cartoon Network.
Cartoon Network has launched a new puzzle-matching adventure game called The Phantom Fable. After having prevented the invading army from succeeding in Steven Universe: Tap Together and protect the ancient temple from the villain’s attack in Attack the Light, Steven gets into a new trouble and the boy needs it. Your help to find effective solutions in The Phantom Fable for.
The Phantom Fable is set in the city of Beach City. While training and planning to fight Connie on the beach, Steven took the ancient book released by Lion Lion for Crystal Gems. Unfortunately, this mysterious book locked this team into its pages. They just left a last message for Steven and Connie, that was to find Lapis. Thus, the young but brave boy Steven will find a way to save Crytal Gems from the strange ancient book.

The Phantom Fable Apk Download 1

The Phantom Fable’s main features:

1. Establishing a team of heroes

Rescue Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst to add them to your team. Each character has its own unique moves that can be used to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

2. Fight with unique control mechanisms

Fight in real time. Draw icons on the screen to summon awesome attacks and abilities. Defeat the enemy army and lock them up before they have a chance to be reborn.

3. Discover many hidden secrets

The characters face their greatest fears when they stand before vague memories from the history of Gem. Explore each chapter to reveal the truth behind the mystery book.

4. G.U.Y.S. & G.A.L.S.

Onion toys are gone. He needs your help to find them again. Collect all 20 toys including Explorer Gal, Dave Guy, Hard-Hat Gal and even Ranger Guy.

5. Voice from the cast of voices Steven Universe

The Phantom Fable for mobile has the voice of the voice actor for the character in Steven Universe.

Inspired by Steven Universe, The Phantom Fabe has a youthful and dynamic design color that is suitable for many players, especially children, to bring a lovely visual experience, bringing a moment of letter relax with your family more fun. Download now the Phantom Fabe Game on Google Play Store to enjoy relaxing moments with your family and the affection between your family members!
The Phantom Fable supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean and Japanese.


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