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The Outlived is a mobile game set in a zombie pandemic world which has very exciting gameplay. The Outlived is a new Zombie survival game, which has recently released for free on Google Play by a Chinese game developer. By focusing on exploiting the survival rather than action in the post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. The Outlived brings players the atmosphere of tension, nervous situation and unpredictable choking.

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In The Outlived, there is no friendship, love, and mercy. You can only trust yourself and weapons to survive as long as possible. At the beginning of the game, the player will be playing one of the last survivors of the post-apocalyptic world among the bloodthirsty zombies. However, like many survival products of the same genre, in the beginning, you will have nothing.

The essential task of the player in the game is trying to collect items, raw materials scattered around and avoiding attacks from the Zombie. In addition, gamers need to make their own essentials such as axes from the smallest trees, rocks for protecting themselves or cut down the big trees to build houses. From the small shelter, players can make more items such as stoves, desks… to expand their own campsite.

The Outlived also has a level system and experience, which are increased every time you collect items, kill zombies or build something. The higher level you are, the more features you will unlock, and you can produce more advanced items.
But it is not just the construction of the shelter and the furnishing of the items, The Outlived also makes the player face deadly zombies. Therefore, the player needs to build a stable and secure place to accumulate food to avoid hunger to overcome all the dangers.

In addition to hunger, thirst, and zombies, gamers face fierce competition from other players. They will try to attack and steal the resource from you, so you should be careful before going to strange places. You can also gather your friends to help each other and protect your common house.
The Outlived is currently available for free on Google Play. The iOS version is not available now. Interested readers can download the game at the link below.


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