The Outlived Zombie Survival

The Outlived – a new Zombie theme survival game

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The Outlived – a new Zombie theme survival game

Although the Zombie context is not new but thanks to the survival gameplay, fumbling and exploring extremely attractive, it will be difficult for players to stop once they play The Outlived.

Reportedly, The Outlived is a new Zombie theme survival game released by a Chinese game company on Google Play recently. As introduced, by focusing more on exploiting the survival aspect than acting in the post-apocalyptic world overflowing with corpses, The Outlived has brought to players a tense, nervous atmosphere with unpredictable choking situations.

The Outlived Zombie Survival

In The Outlived there is no room for friendship, love and mercy. You can only trust yourself and the number of weapons left to survive as long as possible. Beginning the game, players will play one of the last survivors in the post-apocalyptic world with bloodthirsty zombies, always waiting to eat and swallow anyone. However, like many other genre survival products, starting the game you will have nothing but two empty hands.

The most essential task of the player in the game is to try to collect items and materials scattered around, and avoid the attack from the Zombie if necessary. In addition, gamers need to make up for themselves as axes from the smallest things are twigs, stones to help protect themselves or cut down big trees to build houses. And from that small shelter, players can create more everyday items like stoves, desks,… to further expand their own safe camps.

The Outlived Zombie Survival

The Outlived also has an increased level and experience system every time you collect items, kill zombies or build something, the higher the level, the more you will unlock. and can create more advanced items.

However, it is not simply building shelters and manufacturing furniture and supplies, The Outlived also takes players to face the strenuous zombies, always looking for people to plunge into and bite at any time. Come on. Therefore, players need to build a place that is solid, safe, accumulating food to avoid starvation to overcome all these dangers.

In addition to hunger, thirst and zombies, gamers also face fierce competition from other players. They will try to attack and steal resources from you wherever you go, so be wary before going to unfamiliar places that have never arrived. You can also gather your friends, others to help each other and protect your common home.

The Outlived Zombie Survival

The main feature of The Outlived

– Explore the vast wasteland

The whole world is your backyard, abandoned hospital, infected prison, crisis police station and secret laboratory built by the pre-apocalyptic government. Now you can explore around many places on the world map, search for romances and collect precious resources.

– Collect all valuable resources and create necessary items to survive

Filter clean water, find food, create equipment and weapons like Kar98k or a flamethrower, hone your skills to fight zombies, defend against other survivors, wildlife and births unknown mutants.

– Build shelter

You cannot exist without a shelter in the zombie world. Customize tents with countless decorations and defensive turrets. Create many desks to produce materials for making necessary supplies, pet blankets to elect friends and companions in the adventure, invite other survivors to your camp to rest.

– Chat with other survivors

You are not the only survivor in The Outlived. Please invite other players from all over the world to your camp. However, you cannot be sure they are friends or enemies. Add friends carefully and selectively, build your own clan with trusted members to go to the end together.

– Earn rich loot from multiplayer events

There are more than 50 PvP events, boss battles, random maps and raid activities are waiting for you to conquer. However, it seems not easy to survive alone in these areas. Set up a clan, link as a unity to overcome the storm and get rich loot from bosses after the battle.

The Outlived uses a mid-range graphics platform but is impressed in terms of game colors when handling the color scheme well. You will clearly see the survival of The Outlived by visualizing the dark, bright patches. Not only is the zombie image built real and lively.

The Outlived has been released on Android and iOS platforms. Gamers can experience zombie survival games right now.


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