The Muscle Hustle: Slingshot Wrestling Game

The Muscle Hustle: Slingshot Wrestling – the most innovative wrestling game

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The Muscle Hustle: Slingshot Wrestling – the most innovative wrestling game

The Muscle Hustle: Slingshot Wrestling is a wrestling game in which a group of wrestlers are represented by badges. Your goal – how to be different – is to defeat other fighter planes (also badges) in the most brutal and spectacular way possible.

To throw your badges into the ring, simply slide your finger on the screen, aim and release. Whenever you hit the opponent badge, you will inflict a certain amount of damage to it and then it will bounce back on the stage, so you will need to calculate each launch. If you get it right, you’ll get a badge several times with just one throw.

The Muscle Hustle: Slingshot Wrestling Game

The Muscle Hustle: The Slingshot Wrestling is the biggest and most innovative wrestling game you’ve ever seen, and you can live as a real wrestler if you train them to graduate from a real wrestling school so they can earn a living by this profession. In the game, interactive 3D matches vividly simulate dozens of wrestlers on the ring at the same time, as well as using a variety of weapons available to create the wildest action you have imagine it. In addition, the game also gives you the option to change the character appearance.

In The Muscle Hustle: Slingshot Wrestling you will find that there are more than three hundred different wrestlers, each with their own special attributes and abilities. Learning to use and combining each fighter’s specific attack is an essential strategic element to ensure victory. Especially when advancing through the harder levels as you progress in this game.

One-player campaign mode allows you to participate in more than a hundred different battles, in which you will have to complete hundreds of challenges and defeat other fighters. However, in online mode, you can fight in real time with other online players. The Muscle Hustle: Slingshot Wrestling is a great combination of wrestling and badge, also with special graphics and ridiculous amount of wrestlers and unique events – giant.

The Muscle Hustle: Slingshot Wrestling Game


  • Collect hundreds of unique wrestlers and build the best tagging team
  • Train your wrestlers and unlock throwing, holding and attacking aerial attacks.
  • Manage their wrestling career path from rookie, job seeker, to superstar


  • It is very simple to wrestle, just one hand
  • Just pull back, aim and release!
  • Choose deep tactics
  • Working corners for combos


  • Hundreds of levels to play, full of unique challenges
  • Throw chairs, burn ropes and jump off the top rotation
  • Achieve high scores on the rankings


  • Confront other players in the multi-player pvp tournament
  • Progress through the arena in the tournament to the top


  • Funny commentator
  • Discover a talented rookie when they are just a little jabroni
  • Please crowd like a baby, or turn on your heel
  • Be sure to never break a kayfabe!The Muscle Hustle: Slingshot Wrestling Game

Using the mouse and keyboard to control, but it still does not detract from the true and vivid feeling of wrestling movement. You can even easily create kicks, punches, locks and lower opponents or “dreamy” hits of boxers. Of course, there are many beautiful and diverse movements for you to explore depending on the nature and appearance that the character you choose right after entering the game. Not only that, you absolutely can actively create drama for the game like mocking other wrestlers, ridiculing referees like in fact.

Currently there are many simulation action games about wrestling but with gameplay, controls and 3D graphics, The Muscle Hustle: Slingshot Wrestling will be the right choice if you want to try.




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