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THE LIONS KNIGHTS – DISSIDIA WAR is a turn-based RPG released by JianhuaZhou , the game that is available on Android and iOS, you can download THE LIONS KNIGHTS – DISSIDIA WAR mod by the link below.


The power of darkness is rising and plotting to conquer the world, you will become the leader of a team of brave heroes stand up against the Lord of Darkness. You must create a team of 5 Heroes who fight together, THE LIONS KNIGHTS – DISSIDIA WAR brings hundreds of different heroes, each with its own strengths and skills.

THE LIONS KNIGHTS – DISSIDIA WAR has simple gameplay and is not difficult to master. Switch role, default open blue grid ,Is the role of the moving range, Click on any blue grid, role will moving, or click the return button to cancel. Your Heroes can move within Blue Zone. Switch role,There will be a red attack-flag on nearby enemies. Click on to attack the enemy 2.The role of moved, default open red plaid Is the role of the attack range. Click on the enemy on the red grid, then use “Attack” to attack the enemy. After attacking, the Card will enter Standby status and foe’s turn will begin. Otherwise, you must tap ‘Standby’ manually.

Each role has a “Spirit skill”, For auxiliary combat, reverse the situation is very useful.Click the “spirt” button, there will be a rang e for use, Some need to select the target, some for their own, some for the enemy. Skill Buff: Roles of Different”skills”,and some will be accompanied by BUFF effect.Once the BUFF hit, the situation will be very favorable.
Some “skills” are multiple attacks,So the battlefield position is just right, can do more damage to the enemy. Use “skills” will consume a certain MP value. For the range of skills, it is necessary to move to the appropriate location, so that more damage to the enemy, determine the target of Pluviose…
Move jump: the role has a property – Jump, Jump force is the role of up and down the map of the largest grid gap.So the big gap map, big jump force role can take a shortcut.


  • Unlimited Money

THE LIONS KNIGHTS – DISSIDIA WAR offers PvP, PvE and Arena modes, so you can explore them in your own way. After winning a battle, you can earn gold and other iteams, use them to equip your heroes, or upgrade them. Upgrading the character will unlock new skills, each character has 5 different skills that you can unlock.

Features of the game:

  • A turn-based RPG on mobile, completely free download
  • More than 100 different heroes to unlock
  • Upgrade your heroes, choose the heroes to form the strongest team
  • Various game modes: PvP, PvE …
  • Hundreds of tasks to complete
  • 3D graphics, impressive sountrack

The latest mod version of THE LIONS KNIGHTS – DISSIDIA WAR is available at our website, you can download by the link below.


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