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Uploaded: October 24th, 2017
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The Catapult for Android is a fun arcade game with simple gameplay. Your task is to use the machine to shoot and knock down the enemy. The Catapult for Android is great for those who love simple and addictive Android games. Stickman is one of the most well-known characters in the world, so it seems to have become an inexhaustible source of creative inspiration for many game developers. If you have ever loved Cartoon Wars 3, Draw a Stickman, or Troll Face Quest Unlucky for Android … you definitely want to try The Catapult for Android. This is a free game on the mobile.


The Catapult Mod APK Unlimited Gold/Removed ADS latest for Android

In the game The Catapult for Android, the player must help the guy guard rods defense from the enemy attack weapon. Use the Catapult machines to throw the stones at the opponent and crush the enemy and their tower. The Catapult has simple controls so it is easy to get used to. Players only need to touch the screen to pull the need to reach the required shot enough to hit the enemy. You will earn coins every time you destroy an enemy. This money is used to upgrade new ammunition.Catapult’s gameplay is endless, it only ends when your fortress is shot down. The opponents will appear in turn. Initially, you will only meet one or two. However, the higher the score, the more enemy you will meet. This makes your failure probability bigger.

How can you earn Gold?

Gold in the game is hard to find. You can only be reached if the enemy is defeated. Besides, in each game, at certain times, it will appear a raven carrying 1 gold. You can Shoot down and collect that money. However, with the Catapult Mod Gold version that we provide below, you will be using Unlimited Gold, buy and upgrade weapons for free.

 Game Features:

  • Stickman graphics are simple and familiar
  • Addictive gameplay with attractive fighting style
  • Share your high scores on social networks
  • Mod Unlimited gold
  • Remove Ads

The changes of the latest version of The Catapult for Android:

  • Store upgrades
  • Add a helmet to protect your character from the splinters
  • More opportunities to upgrade the treadmill.

With a fun shooting gameplay, simple animated graphics, the Catapult Mod APK for Android is the perfect entertainment option after a tiring day. The interested reader can click the link below to download The Catapult for Android for free on the Play Store and play immediately with the Remove Ads version we provide.


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