The best free Android games in early 2018 were voted by Google.

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In addition to attractive content and new features, the mobile games below have been optimized for Android devices, just download for free and experience right on your mobile.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is the first game in the Fire Emblem series, which is being launched on the mobile platform by Nintendo. Fans of Fire Emblem series will be pleased to hear that the new RPG game brings together almost all of the prominent heroes from various Fire Emblem games.

Fire Emblem Heroes on mobile will convey many of the traditional elements of RPGs that combine turn-based combat tactics on a chess board screen map like those games released in the series on Handheld computer before. The game was recently released but immediately impressed the gaming community when adding new elements with individual characteristics.

The plot of the game will allow the player to become a Summoner, allowing you to summon a Hero as your main character. Besides, you can also summon various NPC from this series to create a dream team. Then, the player controls the warriors in the squad and equips them with various weapons.

Thanks to the intuitive control mechanism, gamers can easily control warriors by simple touching, dragging, and the ability to attack with just one touch through. The graphics in the game is 2D effects but Chibi characters are cute and still show off their hardcore inherent in this category.

Dead Warfare: Zombie

Dead Warfare: Zombie context is set in 2072 when the whole world is invaded by Zombies, people have to live underground or tuck in ruined buildings to avoid being killed. The shortage of food, water, weapons makes people as “hanging by a single hair”.

Join the game, you will play the hero stand up to fight against the Zombie, back the peaceful life of the people. You will be using a variety of weapons in the game, upgraded to increase the strength to fight bloody Zombie army.

With awesome 3D graphics, detailed, and exciting gameplay, Dead Warfare: Zombie promises to bring exciting moments for players.

Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile is a highly competitive real-time strategy game in 2016. Join the game and you will discover incredible magic lands filled with scary monsters and brutal enemies. You can choose yourself the favorite heroes, connect friends and fight to beat all enemies and build up your own empire.

Lords Mobile is one of the most prominent games with the feature of VIP bonus exchange. Players just play hard in the game, they can have the opportunity to become hegemony without spending anything. The game is suitable for gamers with aggressive and conquering character, as well as enduring persistence.

Other prominent features include recruiting and upgrading heroes with unique skills, experiencing fierce battles through excellent 3D graphics, compromising with monsters fierce and turning them into partner…

Last day on Earth Survival

Last day on Earth Survival is a Zombie survival game released by K-MOBILE for free on Google Play. It was an international game, but Last Day on Earth Survival immediately showed its charm.

By focusing on exploiting the survival aspect of life rather than acting in the post-apocalyptic world filled with dead bodies, Last Day on Earth Survival has brought players the tension, nervous with the Unpredictable situation. There is no place for friendship, love and mercy. You can only trust yourself and the number of weapons left over to survive as long as possible.

At the beginning of Last Day on Earth Survival, players will take on one of the last survivors of the post-apocalyptic world with bloodthirsty zombies waiting to kill anyone. However, like many survival products of the same genre, the beginning of the game you will have nothing.

The essential task of the player in the game is trying to collect items, raw materials scattered around while avoiding attacks from the Zombie. In addition, gamers need to make their own essentials such as axes from the smallest trees, rocks to help protect or cut down the big trees to build houses. And from the small shelter, players can make more items such as stoves, desks… to expand their own campsite.

War Wings

War Wings was released by Miniclip and Tencent. The game has been the No. 1 mobile game on the mobile market so far. It is built on beautiful 3D graphics, large maps. The scenery is high resolution. All the players will be immersed in the famous battle in World war effects and real sound.

War Wings allows you to experience real-life battles with aircraft and weapons, in which players will have to train themselves for combat skills and tactics. The game will be a space for gamers to compete with gamers in the world.

War Wings has over 70 other aircraft available for gamers. The game features 4v4, PvP that you and your teammates are fighting with other players in a real-time battle. The gameplay is simple but it requires players more skillful. By sliding and gliding, the player must destroy the target by shooting with missiles, cannons and guns on the aircraft.

Dragon Project: Dragon Hunting Mobile

Dragon Project: Dragon Hunt Mobile is a mobile game project of Colopl – Japan. The game is the ARPG role-playing genre, which can be played both vertically and horizontally. With a fascinating dragon hunting theme, the game gives players immersive combat times.

Unlike other titles in the same genre that will perform the main quest sequence according to a storyline, Dragon Project players will interact with the NPC, perform daily chat conversations and make requests. Players will move to locations like a crossing path, with other players fighting monsters, completing missions, or destroying dragons to collect over 1700 different items.

Dancing Line

Dancing Line is a speed game combined with creative music, bringing a wonderful experience. The task of the player is to click to direct the line in the right direction, avoid obstacles, and create the harmonious melodies.

Players will guide a colored line through a variety of different areas, listening carefully to the music. Every time the screen is touched, the line reverses direction left or right to avoid obstacles and react to the continual change in the world.

With colorful designs and shapes but not harsh, players like to paint beautiful landscapes in different areas, from jungle to blue sea, from frozen lands to the deserts. Surely, Dancing Line will bring you a great gaming experience, especially those who love piano melodies.

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