The Battle Royale of Balls

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The Battle Royale of Balls is a casual mobile game, but it still features the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. As you all know, there are quite a few shooter titles, surviving the copy Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds content (PUBG) released worldwide, and a lot of the games even made new points that PUBG has not made. The highlight of these titles is that the simulation is quite similar to the content of PUBG survival, more than simple, easy to play and does not require too many strategies. More specifically, they are easily played on compact mobile devices.

The Battle Royale of Balls APK download for Android

And today, we are pleased to introduce readers to the latest Android games are also created based on the operating mechanism of PUBG, but the graphics and gameplay are greatly simplified. With thư name of Battle Royale of Balls, just one finger is a player who can fight this casual game with his friends or other players.

In Battle Royale of Balls, players will experience many challenges in universal. In other words, the Battle Royale of Balls is an exciting universal PUBG. Gamers will be selected to participate in the plot mode or the double-players battle, or join the waiting room to start escaping from Apocalypse. As a game borrowed from the PUBG, the Battle Royale of Balls APK is also equipped with a “death circle” system, which circles down when the time is right and those who stay outside for too long will lose their lives. The green area in the mini-map is the safe area, the red area is the dangerous area. So move fast in this battlefield and try to survive to the end. No more searching for items or weapons such as pans, guns, ammunition, etc. Battle Royale of Balls has its own features when asked players to get the meteorites and other players to increase the strength of his shield. Because this shield will be extremely useful when you accidentally face to the dangerous.

Each battle in the Battle Royale of Balls will take place in about 5 minutes so players can join the game anytime, anywhere they like as long as there is a network connection. In addition, the game has a lot of community features, social networking so that players can exchange, share experiences with others or follow them.


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