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TextNow APK for Android – Free call and message on mobile. TextNow for Android is a messaging application, send photos, call email for free on mobile. TextNow for Android is free texting, unlimited calling with all phone numbers in USA, Canada and many other countries.

TextNow – free text + calls APK latest for Android

If Touch for Android is a product of the same company Enflick, favors social networking services to connect users through interactive activities, TextNow Classic acts as a regular communications service, allowing instant messaging private, free, stable and reliable.

TextNow gives users a private phone number to send the message and calls friends, family, the important people, the neighbors, or anyone else in need. TextNow APK for Android is already popular among users around the world because it helps them save on monthly mobile expends, especially for US and Canadian users. The beautiful, easy-to-navigate TextNow interface design can be integrated with existing mobile directories.

After signing in the app, you will be given a separate phone number with an optional area code. You can use this number to give and receive calls, unlimited messages, photos of friends and relatives across the US and Canada. The TextNow application works like a regular phone, so your family or friends do not need to install the program.

The highlights of TextNow for Android

  •  Dialing to others
  • Free unlimited outgoing and incoming calls to TextNow users
  • Send, receive and save picture messages
  • Forward voicemail
  • Show number
  • Call Forwarding
  • Google SmartLock: You do not need to remember passwords
  • Emoticon
  • Signature: Add a personal signature to each document
  • Customize text style, ringtone, and vibration
  • Change the wallpaper of the application
  • Set ringtone, wallpaper for each phone number
  • Quick and easy feedback on your friends’ messages
  • Widget Home Screen to launch TextNow, compose a new message or make a quick call
  • Merge inbox: Send and receive messages directly through TextNow, use it as a text messaging application once.
  • Sync seamless text messages on your mobile with your PC

Note: Download TextNow for Android, but the app still contains a few ads. Users can register the service to remove them.

Overall, TextNow for Android is a great-looking messaging app that’s especially suited for users in the US and Canada. You can not only make extra money to make cheap international calls by viewing ads but also inviting your friends to join TextNow to get more free minutes.


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