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Temple Mr-Bean Mod APK for Android is a funny comic about Mr. Bean. You will control his legendary car through many dangerous stages in an ancient mysterious temple.

Mr. Bean is probably no stranger to all of us. This is the name of a comedy about the life of the same name character. As described, Mr. Bean is a child in an adult body, so he always acts in a turbulent manner when dealing with everyday situations. The great success of the movie led Mr. Bean has become an indispensable source of creativity for game developers. It’s not hard to find a lot of this character game on the Google Play Store, such as Mr. Bean – Around the World, Mr. Bean – Flying Teddy, Car Bean Rush …

Temple Mr-Bean Mod Money APK latest/update

If you like Mr. Bean and are looking for a good title then Temple Mr-Bean for Android is a great choice. Temple Mr-Bean for Android is one of the best title games for Mr. Bean you have ever seen on Google Play. It is so funny and entertaining, ensuring you get addicted right after the first few minutes playing.

The basic task of the player is to drive Mr. Bean’s car to explores every corner of the ancient temple. You also try to collect all the gold coins and treasures that appear randomly while avoiding obstacles or breaking through the abyss to try to get as far as possible and have the most cash.  Players can even challenge high scores with their friends.

Even it is the free game, Temple Mr-Bean for Android still guarantees sharp graphics quality and great relaxing gameplay. Therefore, do not hesitate to download Temple Mr-Bean for Android right now and experience the unforgettable joy of jumping over the obstacles between the various dark worlds.

The highlights of driving game Mr-Bean Temple for Android:

  • The world is completely different after the upgrade
  • Abundant levels of varied levels of difficulty
  • Great graphics, smooth motion simulation
  • The screenplay is suitable for both beginners and experienced in Endless Runner game style.
  • Simple and easy controlling.

Temple Mr-Bean for Android is quite like Temple Run. However, instead of running the runner, you drive a car. Temple Mr-Bean for Android is suitable for short periods of time such as lunch, coffee or bus waiting.

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