Taptap Heroes – A simple, casual and strategic RPG game featuring both idle and active gameplay.

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Taptap Heroes – A simple, casual and strategic RPG game featuring both idle and active gameplay.

Attract a large number of players thanks to the automatic clearing frontier, boss fight without spending too much time to manipulate. Even without logging in, you can still level up, collect equipment, and cards. Taptap Heroes is one of the strategy card game that gives you such a great experience.

Taptap Heroes is a story about the land of Mystia where the heroes are gathering to team up against hell queen Preya. The person who accidentally obtained the sword had the power to create and was plotting to take over the entire world into his own hands. Before that malicious intent, the heroes from: goblins, angels, demons or all humans were united for the common goal of saving this world.

Most operations in Taptap Heroes are done automatically. Players just click start and wait to click again to receive loot. Automatically fight monsters until fight bosses. Everything is done automatically and you do not need to spend too much time to manipulate in the game.

As a strategy card game, adventure element through many gates, the game screen will help players not be bored when playing for a long time

Players in Taptap Heroes can make friends very easily. By interacting, giving physical strength to each other, you can increase your intimacy.

The clan is also an interesting community feature in Taptap Heroes, players can choose to create or find a clan to enter. The benefits of guilds come from fighting bosses, guilds and other activities.

In the form of animated Chibi graphics, bringing a sense of playfulness, humor full of entertainment. The design of the heroes is very eye-catching, the higher the quality, the more beautiful and cool the appearance.

Playful game sound, with each different role generals each hit will create separate sound effects. The soundtrack of the game varies with each stage of play, with different tempo and lows. Create drama in boss battles or light on normal computer monitors.

Game Features:

Effortless and Stress-free Gaming:
Getting tired of the grind? Don’t worry, your heroes will continue fighting even when you’re offline!
Get free diamonds and gold everyday! More rewards await you when you login to the game!

6 Factions and Hundreds of Heroes:
There are over 300 heroes from 6 factions and classes all awaiting your command.
Upgrade your heroes! Upgrade them with stunning looks and stronger skills to help your team achieve more glory!

Various Gameplays with Generous Rewards:
Hero Expedition, Den of Secrets, Planet Trial, and many more exciting gameplays to explore!
Hero’s Chest, Fortune Wheel, Miracle Tree, and many other events that guarantee great rewards!

The King of Strategy is the King of the Arena:
Arena Battles use a fair play system where players are required to use strategies to form teams from a random pool. All players have an equal chance at victory.
League of Glory, Cross-Server Battles, and Seasonal Mode are chances to compete with the best players around.

Fight Battles In Real-Time Worldwide and Make New Friends:
Fight side by side with your Guild Members to climb higher in Guild rankings!
Battle it out! With real-time translations you can chat with millions of players all around the world.

Create your own unique team to compete with players from every corner of the world and become a True Hero!

Taptap Heroes with the nature of a card strategy game will help players to satisfy the passion of collecting and creating for themselves the favorite squad. Games with gentle cartoon images are the perfect choice for those who need entertainment in their spare time. Give it a try and experience you will definitely enjoy with Taptap Heroes.


Link Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.westbund.heros.en


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