Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 – Heroes Adventure. The Clicker Game

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Tap Titans 2 – Heroes Adventure. The Clicker Game

Tap Titans 2 is the sequel to the popular role-playing game released by Game Hive Corporation. After the success of Part 1, Game Hive decided to release Part 2 with modes and features never before available. In the middle of the era of complex games with complex operations, this game completely goes against the above standards. There was only one operation during the game, but the results showed that the game brought more entertaining moments than expected.

In Tap Titans 2, you are a powerful guru with the mission to protect the world from giant monsters. Use your sword to defeat the evil giants. The gameplay of the game immediately reminded me of the legendary Fruit Slashing game. When the opponent appears on the screen, swipe his finger on the screen for the main character to swing the sword to attack the opponent.

You will in turn defeat the monsters and Boss according to the story of the game. Each stage consists of 9 monsters and a Boss at the end. Tap Titans 2 does not limit the number of times played. If you feel your power is not enough, go back to the previous levels and accumulate some money to upgrade your power. After defeating a boss, you have the opportunity to receive many attractive rewards. Do not miss!

Tap Titans 2

One trick you should know, is that you can use multiple fingers at the same time to increase the damage exponentially. If you use an iPad big enough, you can use 5 or even 10 fingers.

When you reach a certain level, Tap Titans 2 gives you a pet. They are reliable friends on the battlefield and are your right arm. Each pet has different special skills such as increasing the damage to characters, recovering or attacking opponents. Every time you receive a pet that matches the one you already own, it disappears and level up your pet.

Tap Titans 2Tap Titans 2

In general, the graphics of Tap Titans 2 are not too detailed. But the game is still very well designed with many colors. Which means that although monsters look pretty ugly and funny, they are still elaborately simulated with many impressive effects. Each stage, the game takes you to a different place instead of just using a single scene. Besides, the interface of the game is also scientifically designed and intuitive. In the process of frantically swiping the screen, the game minimizes your ability to touch the icons on the screen. That was amazing.

Before playing this game, I never thought it would bring so much fun. In addition, Tap Titans 2 has many other features for you to explore such as PvP, guilds, … You can invite your friends, conquer fierce monsters together and receive many valuable rewards.

Tap Titans 2 Tap Titans 2

★ PLAY the full idle RPG game experience offline and on the go.
★ TAP to defeat +150 all-new Titans in 14 gorgeous, hand-drawn realms
★ RECRUIT heroes and loyal pets to help you withstand the endless Titan onslaught
★ UNLOCK unique skills to power up strategically to fight monsters
★ PRESTIGE and cash in your progress for powerful old artifacts and become stronger
★ COLLECT equipment to customize your hero’s blade & armour to suit your play style
★ CREATE or join clans to defeat the almighty Titan Lords in multiplayer mode.
★ ADVENTURE down scenic paths during seasonal events to collect rewards and exclusive gear
★ COMPETE against other players from around the world in global tournaments to show off your strength and earn amazing prizes

Link Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamehivecorp.taptitans2



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